Bannon: You’re Going To Transition Into Debt Slavery

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Steve Bannon couldn’t hide his disgust with the RINO Republicans who surrendered to the Democrats on raising the debt limit. Mitch McConnell gave Chuck Schumer a six-month extension just when he had the chance to expose the irresponsible radical Democrats.

“The unintended consequences of this are so huge that once you do this, you can’t come back from it. I want everybody under 40 to understand something: If this stuff passes, your life is gonna change. Right now, your Russian serfs. You don’t own anything, and you’re not going to own anything. You’re kind of on the wheel. You’re like a hamster on the wheel. You’re a Russian serf. … You’re stuck. But you’re gonna transition into something that’s far different. You’re gone to transition to debt slavery. Your nation is going to be a slave to debt and to the whims of the global market.”

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