Biden’s Theft of Classified Docs Is Serious. DOJ Isn’t Taking It Seriously

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For months, cable news and Twitter‘s most insufferable liberal commentators informed us that President Donald Trump‘s handling of classified documents in the Office of the Former President at Mar-A-Lago constituted a grave threat to America’s national security. Five months later, they have a pretty different take on President Joe Biden‘s theft of classified documents—a much greater national security threat than Trump’s lawful possession of personal copies of his presidential records. Biden compromised our national security through his carelessness and brazen law-breaking.

On November 2, 2022, six days before the midterm elections, Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden Justice Department learned that Biden’s personal lawyers found documents with classified markings inside his personal files in his abandoned office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. This means then-Vice President Biden stole these classified documents before he left the Obama White House on January 20, 2017, and moved them at least once to his new Penn Biden office after its opening in February 2018.

Garland should have immediately appointed a special counsel, on November 2, to investigate Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. Instead, 16 days later, on November 18, Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Trump for the non-crime of lawfully taking personal copies of his presidential records when he left the White House. For two months, then, Garland led a political cover-up—yes, a cover-up—of Biden’s criminal theft of classified records. Instead of sending in the FBI to investigate, as he did with Trump in a high-profile, unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful home raid last August, Garland shockingly allowed Biden’s personal, unvetted attorneys to taint the Biden crime scene for months on end.

By Mike Davis

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