BLAME AMERICA FIRST for what Iran does?

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduces a resolution supporting the Iranian people who are protesting in Iran, and their right to free speech.

McCarthy said that Iran is responsible for escalating tensions with the his response to comments made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an interview where he said that Canadian victims of an Iran-downed jetliner would be “home with their families” if not for tensions between the the U.S. and Iran.

However Kevin McCarthy goes on to state that:

“The reason why anything escalated, because Iran went and bombed tankers, Iran shot down as U.S. drone, Iran did something much different, killed a U.S. Citizen, Iran went and attacked our embassy. I agree that Iran is escalating things in the Middle East. I think for one moment in time, for one snapshot here, you’d have to sit back and gives this president credit. What happened? Iran for the first time has deescalated which they had not done in the last year. Trudeau is right about what Iran has been doing. There’s no blame here for America. America stood up once again for freedom. Iran went past a red line they had not gone past before, killing a U.S. citizen. Iran shot down a commercial, innocent airliner. There is no doubt where the blame lies and there is no doubt why the resolution should pass.”

Walid Phares rejects Trudeau’s claim that US escalation is partly to blame for downing of Ukrainian jet

The Iranian regime is entirely to blame for shooting down an Ukrainian passenger, says Fox News foreign affairs analyst Walid Phares.

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