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Bobby is a Portfolio Manager,  Graduate of Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, Father, Husband, Conservative Patriot committed to preserving our Freedom and Republic.

“We have been betrayed by so many politicians in office that the only way to clean up this mess is to vote out every incumbent that has held office more than 8 years. Every single one! We the People should vote as the Term Limit Enforcers. We need to recruit honest, God-loving Americans, who believe in the 10 Commandments and swear to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. So help us God.” ~ Bobby Piton, IL Republican for U.S. Senate in 2022, June 19, 2021.

“We are in the fight for our Constitutional Republic. We are in the fight for our freedom, we are smack dab in the middle of the fight for our lives as we are faced battling to retain our right to speak freely, our right to lawfully hold onto the firearms we possess that we have been promised as citizens of the United States shall not be infringed, we are in a battle to preserve our medical freedom which quite simply means we are in the fight for our lives.”

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“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” – Preamble of the United States Constitution

Bobby Piton’s Core Values Include:

  • Pro-life   
  • Pro-liberty   
  • Pro-free Speech
  • Pro America First Policies
  • Pro-strong Border Security & Wall
  • Pro-2nd Amendment   
  • Pro-limited Government
  • Pro-law Enforcement   
  • Pro-deregulation
  • Pro-free Markets 
  • Pro-term Limits   
  • Pro-cutting Taxes! 
  • Pro-election Integrity
  • Pro-school Choice
  • Support Our Veterans
  • No Forced Vaccine
  1. Voter Integrity and National Identity Bill of Rights Constitutional Amendment
  2. Strict Constitutionalist approach to Government Functions (akin to Scalia)
  3. Constitutional Amendment Limiting Size of Government (All levels)
  4. Constitutional Amendment – Balanced Budget
  5. Government Expands (Contracts) based on revenue coming in from population (all funding is cut on a pro rata basis). Not allowed to “outgrow” the population / economic growth.
  6. Any Shutdowns in the Economy for any reason met with Mandatory Cuts in all Salaries of All Government Workers (aside from Police, Fire, Military) to absorb the loss in tax revenue.
  7. Each person that runs agrees to sign a pledge to pursue Laws that call for term limits (they self-impose term limits on themselves until such law is passed) and pledges NOT to collect a Pension (Agrees to Pursue Legislation eliminating Pensions for Elected Government Officials)
  8. Can’t hold Elected office if your company has more than 20% of its revenue coming from any level of the Government.
  9. Standardization of all Key Topics that Impact our Nation so that every Candidate is evaluated with Same Baseline Frameworks
  10. Pursue Laws that require the NSA or appropriate Intelligence Agencies to issue Reports that Outline ANY and ALL Conflicts of interests and Personal Financials for all 7,000+ elected Public Officials. Companies have to issue quarterly Financials to “Be Public”, Elected Politicians should have their “conflicts” made Public Quarterly in a Standardized manner by an Agency that “monitors it all” already.
  11. Pursue Laws that require the NSA or appropriate Intelligence Agencies to screen ALL Immigrants, Foreign Nationals (work visas) or any Visitors to the United States for possibly ties to corrupt regimes.
  12. The Federal Government (on behalf of We the People) should OWN Every Port on US Soil in a Trust for the benefit of the American People (National Security Risks are too high to do otherwise)
  13. Social Issues (Neutral) Our Military has a Neutral Stance on Social Issues, will pursue the same stance as our Military.

We the People all know beyond a reasonable doubt that Big Government has never worked for anyone except the corrupt crowd of “insiders”.

300 Million Americans have a combined Net Worth that is less than a ½ of the $30 Trillion of National Debt, which has increased from under $7 trillion to over $30 trillion since 2001.

Meanwhile about 30,000 Families have a Net Worth of about $60 Trillion or more than the other 99.9% of the American People combined.

  • How did this happen?  
  • Why are We the People suffering so much?
  • Is there anything we can do about it?

Let’s go back and review how the Framers defined how our Government is supposed to work. We the People of IL give the Government of the State of Illinois the Right to exist as our servant. 

Our State along with 49 other States created the Federal Government to perform 18 enumerated powers as defined in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution.

The powers that we grant the Government of the State of Illinois are  supposed to be used to perform functions as defined in our State Constitution. 

We the People of the State of Illinois have two groups of Legislators that are supposed to be our Federal Representation in Congress and look after the Best Interests of Illinois in relationship to the other 49 States.  We elect individuals to represent the People’s interests to the House of Representatives (totaling 435)  and we elect 2 US Senators per State (totaling 100) to represent the State’s interests in Congress.

I am running for one of these 2 positions as a US Senator from Illinois to restore this Intended Purpose of Government.  Right now, we have it backwards.  The Federal Government acts as though it gives the States the Right to exist and the State Governments act as though they give We the People the Right to exist.

If Elected as your next US Senator, I will do everything I can to return the Power to We the People of Illinois.

How Did This Happen?

​Over the past 50 years, Big Business (in particular Big Tech in the past 15 years), has chipped away at our Rights and weaponized our Political Processes against US.

First let’s have a look at Amendment X of the US Constitution:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We the People grant certain Powers to both the State and Federal Governments.  The State and Federal Constitutions are contracts that clearly define how the Governments are empowered to perform certain functions that are beyond the ability of the People or States to perform. 

Well, large companies have had all of the benefits of accruing Power and undue Influence without any of the “Checks and Balances” on their power that the Constitution imposes on the Government. 

  • For example, 13 companies in the United States as of the latest quarter are on pace to earn Profits (not Revenues) of over $1 billion a day up from about $50 million a day, 12 short years ago.  To give you some perspective, this run rate of over $365 Billion annually is equivalent to half of all of the corporate profits in the United States in the year 2000.
  • ​China entered the WTO (World Trade Organization) 3 months to the day after 9/11/01.  In the subsequent 2 decades over $5 Trillion worth of accumulated Trade Deficits have flowed into the coffers of China and over $1 Trillion worth of accumulated Trade Deficits have flowed into Mexico.  $6 Trillion works out to 120 million households journaling over $50,000 to China and Mexico.  When the average American Household is only worth $115,000, this is a very disturbing statistic to ponder and helps explain why 60,000 + factories were closed down in the past 20 years.
  • ​Corporations, in particular their largest shareholders, have utilized the Smith Mundt Act of 2012 to promulgate propaganda on US Soil, splintering the American Public.  A divide and conquer strategy has been well orchestrated by Globalists through the mainstream and social media via censorship and false narratives.
  • ​Corporations have the same rights as living human beings, even though they are legal fictions.  For over 70 years, half of the Revenue (about 40%) that flowed into the Federal Government was from Individual Taxpayers, the other half was from Corporations (about 40%).   Fast forward to today, Multi-National Corporations are paying less than 15% of the Federal Government tax burden while Americans are stuck with the rest of the bill.  Keep in mind, our military is in over 150 Nations securing Trade Routes that disproportionately benefit Global Corporations, yet We the People have to pay the bill.  This is no different than you agreeing to pay the homeowners insurance on your neighbors home; it makes no sense.

Why Are People Suffering So Much?

The average American had their income remain stagnant in inflation adjusted terms for about 16 years, between 2000-2016.  In less than 3 years, President Trump had our inflation adjusted income rise by more in real terms than the previous 16 years combined.  The Virus hit and wiped out all of those gains and the inflation of the past 6 months has eaten away even more of our buying power.

These Global Corporations have weaponized our Legislators, our Capital Markets, our Housing Markets, our Mainstream Media, our Universities, our K-12 Education system, our Religious Institutions, and our Fellow Americans Against US while simultaneously undermining Law and Order, pushing sexualization of our children and promoting racism across our schools.

These Corporations accrued more power in the past year, and have had profits rise more than 50-100%, while at the same time we witnessed millions of Entrepreneurs in the United States getting wiped out due to co-opted corrupt government officials that made them stay closed by executive order. 

These same corrupt forces have bilked trillions more from our Federal Government under the guise of COVID relief and once again Americans have been left with this debt.  There are some that have even suggested that the COVID aid that was received by some bad actors in our economy was supporting domestic terrorist groups on US soil.  In short, we are very much at War for the Very Soul of Our Nation.

Is There Anything We Can Do About It?

Yes, We the People can WIN and take it all back and reverse all of this EVIL around US.

  1. We the People need to renew our Faith in God and Pray
  2. We the People need to get back to being involved in Active Citizenship by filling every Precinct position and running to replace Every Politician and Judge that has served more than 6 years across all levels of Government. The Supreme Court should have term limits as well.
  3. We the People need to push for a Full Nationwide Audit of the 2020 elections and hold new elections for every politician that is wrongfully in their position.  Every Election, Every State. The four states Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin ran their elections outside the Constitution and systematic Fraud has been identified with 100% certainty in those four Battleground States using Geometry.
  4. We the People need to demand and legislate that Big Tech (the companies earning $1 billion a day) pay us 25% of the Revenue attributable to our Data.  The average American across every sector of the economy earns about 25% of the revenue they create for a company.  100 million plus people that work.  Our Identity is our Property and as such we should be paid for it.  This would return $250 billion back into the pockets of Americans.  This works out to about $2,000 per year for 125 million households.  More importantly, it takes away $250 Billion from corrupt Global Corporations that have weaponized our institutions and politicians against us.
  5. We need to hold a Convention of States and push for Amendment X of the US Constitution to be updated to list any “organization or corporate entity” that has the power and influence of a local or state government.  This would make all Companies and Non-Profits of Power and Influence subject to the Same Rules as the US Constitution. This would help Restore our First Amendment Rights that have been trampled on in the past year and hold every institution of size to account to the same set of rules that we all live by.

Regarding the Second Amendment, my view is very simple.  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  I 100% agree with this Amendment as it stands and DO NOT SUPPORT any rules or restrictions.

Side Note, a well regulated Militia doesn’t mean “regulate”. The phrase well regulated means well prepared or made regular.  As a US Senator, I would encourage the American People across every County in American, all 3,100+, to form a well prepared and trained militia to Protect Persons and Property in each of their respective communities from threats, domestic and foreign.

  • Education

I believe the Department of Education (put into place by Jimmy Carter) has done far more harm than Good for our Nation and I would sponsor legislation and do my best to raise public awareness to abolish this albatross.  Simultaneously, I would push to have School Choice be the Law of the Land.  The current school buildings across America could be retrofitted for competing schools with the existing public option and would make this transition much less costly.  We the People already own the buildings. 

  • Critical Race Fraud

Critical Race Theory should be prosecuted under existing Anti-Discrimination laws.  In fact, I would publicly encourage parents to SUE their school boards and teachers if they fail to adhere to Anti-Discrimination laws that are already on the books.

  • COVID or any other future Pandemics

I would sponsor Legislation that would criminalize ANY and ALL Executive Orders that violate the US Constitution, making any legislators personally liable and strip them of their position and pension for attempting to undermine our US Constitution.

Bobby Piton For Senate Website

About Bobby Piton

Born in Chicago, Ill., raised in Norridge, Ill, resides currently in Geneva, Ill.

Father of 5, Married, Roman Catholic, First Generation Born American, and Last of 10 kids.  My parents were the largest family ever released (under communism you are prisoner) from a Communist Country – Poland.  Fortunately, they came to America and simply wanted a chance to live their life freely.  They never went on public aid, as my dad was a cement finisher and my mom cleaned buildings downtown.  They stressed God, Family, Hard Work, and Education.  I saw how hard they worked, and it drove me to learn everything I could about business from a young age.  Aside from my Parents, my other childhood heroes were Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, Jim Collins, Lee Iacocca, Ronald Reagan (my sons middle name is Reagan), and countless others that made a lasting impact on society. 

I raced to finish college in less than 3 years, had my Series 7 by 18, CFA by 23, and MBA by 28, co-founded an investment firm, and took a year off to travel around the US and some nations around the world.  I have no desire to accumulate physical wealth for myself anymore, and everything I earn goes to my family as I have NOTHING in my name, nor do I have a desire to.  My focus shifted to help others learn how to CREATE and bring out the best in themselves.  That’s the currency that I seek to earn.  Helping others thrive and CRUSH IT is far more rewarding than money has ever been to me.  I operate best as an unencumbered Free Mind that optimizes based on FACTS and DATA and not Emotions. 

It’s never easy being a so called “outsider” or “change agent”.  I get it.  I understand why.  I’ve never lived my life pursuing popularity.  What I do like to pursue however, are challenges and complex puzzles that need solving.  That’s what I enjoy most.

Bobby Piton For Senate Website

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