Bombshell Out About Origin Of Covid

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It’s no surprise to the “War Room” posse, but the mainstream scientific community is finally catching up with our reporting on the origin of the Wuhan virus. Natalie Winters, lead reporter for the National Pulse, talks to Steve Bannon about the latest:

“Today really is a victory, albeit a pyrrhic victory for the “War Room” audience and for people like us who have been saying that this virus escaped from the Wuhan lab since really day one of the outbreak. Last Friday, the Lancet Journal, which people may remember was really the top scientific outlet that these so-called experts … used to really discredit not just the lab-leak theory but also anyone who was pushing this theory, which we think is of course fact. But last week, they published an article  … [where] they not only slam the Lancet statement … but a lot of the quotes are really quite damning to the host of authors on that original statement. And it says, ‘There is no direct support for the natural original of SARS-CoV-2 and a laboratory related accident is plausible. There is so far no scientifically validated evidence that  directly supports a natural origin.’”

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