British Feminist Against Transgenderism Tours US: ‘Land of Free Speech’ Doesn’t Feel Free

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va.—British feminist Kellie-Jay Keen is touring the United States to raise more awareness that gender transition is “mutilating children’s bodies” and “the sterilization of those children.” At the same time, she didn’t feel that the United States was so free.

“I want people to be fully knowledgeable about what [gender transition] is that they’re consenting to and promoting. And at the moment, I just simply don’t think they do,” she told The Epoch Times. She said left-wing media propagated that gender-transitioning children was a “lovely, kind gesture,” and it was not.

“A lot of people have no idea what’s happening here,” she said, explaining the objective of her “Let Women Speak” tour in America. “Ultimately, if I change that, if they understand what’s happening, I think they will object. And I think it will stop.”

‘Land of Free Speech’ Doesn’t Feel Free

Keen arrived in the United States in mid-October and had visited several major cities on the West Coast and in middle America before the two rally stops in Loudoun and Fairfax counties in northern Virginia on Nov. 3. She said she wanted women to be able to speak in the actual public square because they couldn’t do so freely on social media. She is also making a documentary about her U.S. tour to encourage more women to join the conversation.

“This is the land of free speech, and I just don’t feel it when I’m here,” she said of her experience in the United States. “It doesn’t feel like you have very solid First Amendment rights.”

According to Keen, her Portland rally, initially scheduled for Oct. 25, had to cancel due to death threats. On Oct. 26, she ended her women’s rights rally early in Tacoma, Washington. A middle-aged lesbian was injured in the arm. In Austin, on Oct. 29, a group of men tried to shut down her event. She said she and her supporters were circled by a transgender rights group shouting obscenities. And on Oct. 30, the police arrived to protect her group in Chicago.

By Terri Wu

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