CCP Uses Various Tactics to Force People to Receive Domestic Vaccines

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pushing hard to get people administered with domestic vaccines, and many local governments or entities are using various tactics to accomplish this political mission.

Recently, Shanghai was reported to give away bonuses and various items for people receiving a domestic vaccine, while a property management company posted a notice saying that those who do not get the vaccine will be banned from entering the property.

A Carrot and a Stick

A netizen with the name “a latecomer” tweeted: “The party is really worried too much about the people’s vaccination. At the beginning stage, [we] got free eggs, later, movie tickets, and then, 100 yuan ($15) cash. Now it’s 200 yuan ($30) cash. Everyone, it looks like a bullish market. Let’s wait and see if we get thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of yuan for one injection. Getting rich overnight is not a dream!”

In this Twitter video, a man is standing in the street, holding a poster that reads: “Get 200 yuan a person for taking a jab.” The loudspeaker keeps playing the same information: “Good news! Get 200 yuan for vaccination.”

In his posting on April 27, the mainland Sina Weibo blogger Guoliyoudongxi (literally in English “Something in the Pot”) said in his post that a netizen broke the news: “Anyone carrying a carton of milk on the street in Shanghai these days has definitely just got a jab!”

Many netizens replied to this tweet.

Netizen “Miss Tsundere” said: “In my area, 300 yuan ($45) for one jab. My coordinate: Shanghai.”

Netizen “Rio zlyee” wrote: “100 yuan per person per jab in Baoshan District.”

Netizen “CaCateleya” followed to say: “Taopu neighborhood community, 200 yuan plus 2 boxes of milk for two jabs. One box of milk for one jab.”

Netizen “I’m SuperSuperSuper Invincible Girl” posted: “Taking the jabs means gifts of rice, cooking oil, coca-cola, and vegetables.”

Netizen “ZBIFELY24” added: “Plus biscuits, towels, and cooking oil.”


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