CCP’s Extreme Lockdowns Prompt More Chinese to Quit the Communist Party

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As of May 30, at least 396 million Chinese have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations, according to, the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP.

Recent testimonies from those who quit the Party have shown that living under Beijing’s strict “zero-COVID” policy, which has resulted in mounting tales of suffering as waves of cities go into full or partial lockdowns, has caused people to reevaluate their perspective of the communist regime and renounce their ties to the CCP.

The Epoch Times in 2004 published the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, an editorial series on the CCP’s history of deception and brutality. It later led to the “quit the CCP,” or “tuidang,” movement in China.

The following are statements from some of the Chinese people who severed all their ties to the CCP in May.

‘CCP Knows Nothing of Shame’

Luo Qi, Zhang Xintong, and Ge Yijie, residents of Shanghai, quit the CCP through

In a statement, they said that they have been victimized by the CCP’s virus containment policy.

“We have had no food, but the state propaganda machine, CCTV, claims the food supplies are plenty, and life is good,” they wrote.

They said, “The wicked CCP knows nothing of shame.”

They vowed that only by quitting the CCP will they erase any complicity with the party’s evil deeds in staying silence, and they would be free from being enslaved by the CCP.

Former Party Supporter Quits the CCP

Chu Junwen from China’s coastal province of Shandong said that he used to be a believer of the CCP, but he has since awakened to its true nature in the pandemic.

In the statement, he revealed the inhumane treatment he received after he was confirmed of the infection. “They welded my door, I could not go grocery shopping or work, and the staff of the pandemic control office kept harassing me and interfered with my regular life and activities,” he wrote.

He even dropped to his knees and begged for their sympathy, but their ignorance finally cost him his job because he’s absent from his work.

He finally realized the so-called “traitors and rumormongers” as labelled by the CCP and state media were telling the truth.

After searching for the truth online by bypassing the CCP’s firewall, he realized that he’s been “the accomplice of evil” and he felt “ashamed of his ignorance.”

He wrote, “I hope many more Chinese will see through the CCP, and stop the violent machinery.”

By Mary Hong

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