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Coolidge stated, “The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.”

Some of the finest examples of heroes are those who fought in World War II. The sailors of Pearl Harbor who fired the first shots of the war, the little group of American volunteer pilots in China called the “Flying Tigers”, the thousands of American soldiers who perished in the Bataan Death March, the marines who finally raised the U.S. flag over Iwo Jima—these and countless others spell out the meaning of hero. They did not ask for this title; it was given them for a job—sometimes their last job—well done.

To many Americans today, the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal, Normandy, and Okinawa are just facts in a history book. In fact, we often think of the soldiers as being mere statistics. But those numbers also represent individuals who served in defense of everything they loved back home. Occasionally these individuals would become symbolized in a different way: gold stars hanging in the windows of their homes.

The sweat, blood, and honor of these men protected our country. Beneath the helmet, they were stimulated by patriotism to give their best and a lasting effort for freedom. They were willing to do this not only for their country and families, but for us—who, to them, were the perfect strangers of the future.

On the day World War II ended, a sergeant of the Army Air Corps wrote in a letter to his parents:

We must never betray these boys that wanted life so very much and who had so much to live for, but died so that future generations might be entitled the right to freedom and happiness.

Americans everywhere, let us remember never to forget these heroes of yesterday, so that we may become better patriotic citizens of today. For as long as we remember them, and keep their example before us, we will be able to keep alive the American dream.

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