Chart of the Day: Woke Military Failing Miserably in Recruitment

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The Army missed its recruiting goal by about 15,000 new soldiers in 2022, coming up 25% short of its goal at a time when each of the services was struggling to meet its benchmarks. Military officials worry that all of the branches have had to reach deep into their pools of delayed entry applicants, a move that puts them behind in recruiting for the new year. See this in the infographic below and learn more here.

The truth is, no one keeps detailed data on what’s stopping America’s youth from signing up. Experts and senior military leaders point to the perennial factors of competition from the private sector and a dwindling number of young Americans both qualified and interested in military service. But what they don’t have much information on is why that propensity is going down and whether the country is undergoing an ideological shift in attitude toward military service.

One possibility that is increasingly resonating with veterans is that the military is too “woke.” Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., for example, is among a group of Republican senators who have repeatedly blamed recruiting problems on the Biden administration for trying to build a “woke Army.” Below is a recent video that goes into more detail on why the military is missing its recruitment goals.

David Maxwell, a 30-year Army special forces veteran, said the US military was struggling to enlist newcomers when it needed to build up manpower for a potential confrontation with heavyweight foes like Russia or China.

“The military is a family business, and if military families are telling their children not to sign up, that sends a powerful message to everyone else, including people who are patriotic and motivated,” Maxwell said. See below for what folks in the military feel – learn more here.

The MFAN survey of 8,638 service people, veterans, and their spouses in the US and deployed overseas, carried out late last year, revealed worrying numbers in financial strife despite their government paychecks.

Three-quarters were in debt, more than half could not save, 61 percent had trouble paying rent, and a troublesome 17 percent said they were so cash-strapped they could not always put enough food on the table. See these concerns on the infographic below.

The United States Army is bringing back it’s famous “Be All You Can Be” ad campaign in response to what’s been called the worst recruitment crisis in decades. See a couple of recent ads by the United States Army a the top of this page and below.

Overcoming Obstacles – NEW U.S. Army brand commercial | U.S. Army

Whether it be due to financial reasons, the “woke military,” or another reason that is causing many to shun military service, in the comment section below, give us your take on why military recruitment has struggled so much in recent years.

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By Tom Williams

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