Based on a True Story

Inspired by real life events, the film Claws of the Red Dragon is based on the arrest of “Mega Hi-Tech Chinese Heiress” and CFO Meng Wanzhou’s arrest in Canada, causing a political storm among the United States, China, and Canada.

Feng Xiaozhou is the CFO and daughter of Huaxin’s founder. Her role is vital to Huaxin’s international business development and the realization of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government’s global cyberspace dominance. Media coverage seems tainted with the CCP propaganda line, until an investigative reporter, Jane Li is assigned to cover the story. As an ethic Chinese living in Vancouver, she fears her family could be put at risk. Jane’s boyfriend, Ryan happens to the VP of Huaxin’s Canadian public relations arm. And when Ryan is suddenly offered a lucrative promotion—will Jane sacrifice everything to expose the truth?

Huaxing is much more than the equivalent of Apple in China. Her founder is the darling of the Chinese Communist Military with the deepest ties inside the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Funded through cash injections by CCP, Huaxing has left a global trail of death, cyber theft, espionage and cooperation with America’s worst enemies, including Iran.  When Huaxing hits 5G supremacy, America’s military and technological supremacy will be compromised at the hands of the CCP forever. The founder’s daughter, CFO Feng, was trying to flee a US indictment through Canada, when she was arrested further to America’s request for extradition. She is currently held with Bail, under house arrest in Vancouver.

With the investigative reporting by a female journalist, the film seeks to unveil a true Huaxing Hi-Tech company for the audience. Behind all this, is the company Huaxing simply driven by its business interests, or are there any unknown secrets? We are going to conduct further interviews and in-depth discussions with the film’s creative team.

Jane, the heroine of film, is a reporter for Star Metro. The real person that inspired this role is the Chinese Canadian journalist Joanna Chiu from StarMetro Vancouver. She interviewed the then-Canadian Ambassador to China, John McCallum, at a luncheon held in a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver, and she then truthfully reported his inappropriate remarks, which eventually led to McCallum being dismissed by the Canadian Prime Minister.

Jane is a Chinese individual born in the free society of the west and a journalist, who upholds and believes in the values of freedom and democracy. Out of her passion about her work, she undertakes the initiative to do follow-up reporting on the arrest of Huaxing’s CFO in Canada. However, unexpectedly, she becomes involved in a judicial, political and diplomatic battle between China, the United States and Canada. Also facing all kinds of temptations and obstruction from her boyfriend, who’s an employee of Huaxing Canada, how should she make her choice?

Facing all kinds of temptations and personal/family threats, the heroine’s adherence to her professional ethics also alludes to Canada’s judicial independence and the Canadians’ democratic values.


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