CNN Interviewee – Who Demanded Trump Impeachment – Registers as Lobbyist For China’s Huawei.

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Former Whitewater prosecutor Stephen Binhak – who called on Congress to impeach Donald Trump amidst conspiracies over Russian collusion – recently registered to lobby on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party-linked tech firm Huawei.

The news comes as Tony Podesta – brother of Democrat Party bigwig John Podesta – registered to lobby for the same Chinese Communist tech giant.

Binhak registered to lobby for Huawei on issues including “foreign investment, telecommunications, export controls, trade and economic sanctions, and the National Defense Authorization Act” starting July 1st. The registration follows an intense crackdown on the Chinese Communist Party-linked company by the Trump administration, which labeled Huawei a “national security threat” and Chinese military collaborator before banning federal contractors from using its devices.

Binhak and Podesta’s newfound spot on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party-controlled tech giant, however, follows Binhak arguing in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump amidst the debunked “Russia Collusion” conspiracy.


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