Company Telling Vaccine Hesitant Employees To Educate Themselves With Facebook Videos

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Steve Bannon talks to Brandon Martin, an employee who lost his job at EHE Health because he refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine. (Starts at the 1:00 mark.)

“The CEO announced on 8/2/21 that the company was looking toward mandatory vaccinations for the entire company, and indivudals had until September 10 to submit their vaccination documents or starting September 11, you will be paid on unpaid administrative leave. So I submitted numerous exemptions, and every exemption I submitted they stated that it wasn’t valid. So my spiritual beliefs were not valid for the company. I was encouraged to watch some Facebook fact-funding videos to empower myself with facts. I pushed back and said why do I need to take the vaccine when I work remote. I’m fully remote. I’ve only been in the office approximately five times in the past year…. I received an email last Friday from the chief human resource officer wishing me well on my future endeavors. At that time I lost access to all the company’s websites.”

Bannon reached out to the “War Room” posse to try to find employment for Martin, who has found other doors closed to him because of his vaccine status.

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