Congress Is Out Of Control And Needs To Adjourn

Contact Your Elected Officials

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins Steve Bannon. on the “War Room” to talk about the out-of-control Congress and her efforts to teach GOP leadership how to make a difference.

“Mitch McConnell is so disconnected that he’s like ‘Ooh we’ve got to work together to keep the government open,’ but they can’t keep the government open because of their consistent failures. They can’t even balance the government checkbook…. I was going to call a motion to adjourn… because Congress is out of control. We don’t need to raise the debt ceiling. Guess what happened? … [Nancy Pelosi] put us in recess…. You wanna know why? She did not want me to call for the motion to adjourn. … Leadership is not interested in talking with me… because “Marjorie, this is not the way we do things in Washington!’”

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