Couple Discover 19th-century Log Cabin During house demolition

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A post by the Nevada County Depot & Museum on Facebook post tells us that “a log cabin has been discovered in Prescott! In the process of a house being torn down on Greenlawn Street, a log cabin was uncovered inside the existing house. The footprint of the log cabin is 18′ X 20′. The cabin had been added onto and the exterior encapsulated with siding. It was moved to it’s present location around 1953-55. In researching the history of the log cabin it was discovered that the log cabin had been located on Miller Hill. In searching land patients, it was discovered that the cabin had originally been on land owned by John Vaughn. Which would date the cabin from the 1850-1860 period. It is made of hand-hewn timbers and predates the coming of the railroad in the 1870’s, which brought sawn lumber. There is a great possibility that the house is likely a civil wartime structure, if not antebellum. If all of this is proven true, then this log cabin could very well have stood on the edge of the Prairie D’Ane during the battle.

The Museum received a donation from a local benefactor to purchase the log cabin. The log cabin has been purchased by the Museum and plans are to dismantle it, store it, then at some time in the future reassemble it on the Prairie D’Ane Battlefield located at Exit 46 and Hwy 19N.

What a great find of Prescott history! Thank you to everyone involved in rescuing this incredible piece of history!”

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