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During the pandemic, I have posted all the best information I could find to the Right Wire Report. I have shared much of it link by link. I knew there was a better way, that was simple and efficient. It was serendipity or some say, God that let me find the Padlet app. I knew it was the solution when I saw it, so I created the Red Pill Pack Series.

The Red Pill Pack Series is a set of 4 web pages in an app called Padlet. This app was chosen because  you do not need to download the app to view the information, and the app does not sell user data. It is simple and easy to view on a mobile device.  It is also very easy to share. You  can copy and paste the link to a text message, or generate a QR code from the share function and your friend can scan the code to get the link to their device. Fear breeds ignorance.  Learn the information that is currently available. The Red Pill Pack Series is updated daily as new information becomes available.

Each page contains  columns of links to all things covid pandemic.

The Red Pill Starter Pack has very useful links to telehealth Covid, Vax Injury and Shedding Literate Medical Professionals, the treatment protocols and essential information for everyone, vaxd or unvaxd. Shedding is real and the side effects are documented. Everyone needs a Dtox protocol.  

Call one of the medical clinics listed to talk to a doctor to find what is right for you. will serve patients for free, they always ask for a donation, so they can serve as many people as they can, but if you cannot donate, they will serve you for free. This service is only available in the USA.

I have exclusively pre-released the Red Pill Master’s Level Pack to the Right Wire Report. This link is currently only available below and not included in the indexes yet. You will see more information added as the documentation comes in. But there is a lot to digest there already. Below is the contents of each pad. I provided direct links as well.

The Red Pill Starter Pack

  1. Telehealth Covid19 Literate Medical Professionals
  2. Treatment & DTox Protocols
  3. Treatment Products
  4. Natural Medicine Professionals
  5. Vaccine Side Effects
  6. Vaccine Shedding
  7. Vaccine Info
  8. Obstetrics & Pediatrics
  9. Vaccine Injury Groups & Info
  10. Medical Evidence
  11. Substacks, Blogs, Rumbles & Documentaries
  12. Excess Mortality Rate
  13. Died Suddenly & Unexpectedly
  14. Evidence of Malfeasance
  15. Countries Stoping the Shot
  16. Breaking Narrative/News
  17. Index

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The Red Pill Intermediate Pack

  1. Mass Formation Psychosis
  2. Censored and Silenced
  3. Medical Professionals Speaking the Truth
  4. Doctors Sanctioned & Censored
  5. Vaccine Injury Data
  6. Status of Vaccine Injured
  7. Mask Mandates
  8. UnVaccinated Targeting
  9. Data Manipulation to Sell the Lie
  10. Evidence of Malfeasance
  11. Think Tanks
  12. Substacks
  13. Actions to Stop the Shots
  14. Index

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The Red Pill Advanced Pack

  1. Legal Cases
  2. Whistle Blowers
  3. Books
  4. Documentaries
  5. Info Aggregate Sites
  6. Notable Websites
  7. Index

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The Red Pill Master’s Level Pack

  1. Pandemic Overview
  2. Pandemic Rehearsals
  4. UN
  5. WHO
  6. WEF
  7. US Gov Agencies
  8. Counter Globalists
  9. International Agreements
  10. Currency & Banking

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The Thinking Conservative and The Right Wire Report are not medical forums and do not claim to direct one’s medical choices as a medical professional decree. As always, we direct all readers to consult with a physician for medical advice. Our purpose is to provide credible information for readers to perform their due diligence and conclusions.

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