The Twitter Files – Comic Interlude: A Media Experiment

Contact Your Elected Officials

The newest drop of The Twitter Files by Matt Taibbi shows that a U.S. State Department official, Mark Lenzi, a security engineer, urged Twitter, via email, to delete accounts that he claimed were controlled by the Russian government.

“The below are some Russian government controlled accounts that I think you will want to look into and delete,” Mark Lenzi, a security engineer, wrote in a 2020 email to an official at the social media platform.

Lenzi said he was able to ascertain that the accounts were Russian-controlled because of “obvious mistakes (including grammar) that don’t make any sense if you were really a Republican,” as well as “distinct increases in their tweeting around the Iowa caucuses and [New Hampshire] primary.”

Lenzi listed 14 accounts; six have been suspended and one other no longer exists.

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