Dad Enters Politics to Fight Against Transgender Ideology in Ohio Schools

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An Ohio dad—who has spoken out against Critical Race Theory and sexual orientation discussions in his children’s schools—is set to take his fight to the next level, politics.

Like thousands of parents across the United States, Jonathan Broadbent sees “madness” in the school system and believes it is scarring children with transgenderism concepts.

Broadbent and his wife, Tiffanie, are the parents of two middle-school-age children.

They first pulled their children out of Beachwood Schools in a desirable east Cleveland suburb. Then, the Broadbents took their children out of West Geauga Middle School because they saw some of the same things they found objectionable in Beachwood.

They are among many parents who are pushing back against the transgender agenda which has spread rampantly through the public school system.

Broadbent is also fighting against what he sees as misinformation in the teachings of critical race theory.

Broadbent believes is set to begin serving on the Geauga County Republican Party’s central committee in Newbury A Precinct, which represents about 2,000 people. He was elected in the May 3 Primary Election after running unopposed.

The 18 newly-elected committee members started serving their four-year terms on June 8.  The committee meets about every other Friday, Broadbent said.

Broadbent told The Epoch Times that many members of the committee see improving public education as “mission-critical.” There are about 45 members on the committee who he described as constitutional conservatives.

“Like many people running for some kind of office, we’re seeing more and more longtime politicians who don’t think they have to answer to the people,” Broadbent said.

“We want to show … that this is needed,” Broadbent said about the group’s grassroots movement. If we’re successful, this will help bring accountability back. If not, we’ll vote these people out of office.”

Broadbent also said he hopes that other concerned parents around the state will see people winning central committee seats and will try themselves to help it become a national movement.

By Michael Sakal

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