Data Expert shows 200,000 votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden

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Data Expert Edward Solomon analyzed the 2020 election results in Georgia and identified another pattern in the data showing ultimately that 200,000 votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden at the precinct level.

St. Francis Of Assisi — ‘All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.’

Laymans version of the Atlanta Rigging Process

Video Above: This is the Layman’s explanation of what I discovered in Atlanta. I present to you, the Great Wheel of Georgia.

Here’s a small spreadsheet file so you can see for yourself. Second file does it with 2231 ceiling.

First set of columns is the actual reported total votes/trump votes and their ratios from the last report of the hijacked precincts before they were released from the systems contro.

Second set of columns is those same ratios using the same uniform total in for each precinct, proving it started from an equally weighted position since it produced the same split Trump to Total overall.

Third set of columns is randomly generated precinct totals, to show you that it fails to produce the same Trump to Total split, thus it can only work for those reported totals or using the same uniform number.

Stop the Steal: Passing the Torch to Patriot Data Analysts; Part 1

This first video is for educating other data analysts. “In the event something happens to me, I’m creating two videos.

Part 1 shows you how to import large CSV files into a database, how to partition the database via criterion queries, how to export the queries to a spreadsheet, and how to setup the Fathersheet and the Mothersheets for Ratio Transfer Analysis.

Part 2 shows you how to set up the logic boards from the parent Mothersheet to compile your evidence and cross reference the Mothersheet to produce the information needed to save our Republic.
4:20 to 15:45 Importing CSV, query, export to spreadsheet.
16:00 to 133:30 Creating the Fathersheet (covers the worst case scenarios for reversing pivot tables and real number Date/Time splits).
134:00 to End, creating your Mothersheet.

Smoking Gun, Part 2: Ratio Transfers Proved; Entire Algorithm Reversed, net 200,353 votes for Biden.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart