Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Ronald Reagan The Man of the Week

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This episode of The Man of the Week aired on September 13, 1973. Dean Martian is the Roastmaster and Governor Ronald Reagan was The Man of the Week being roasted.

The Man of the Week. 

Your Roastmaster, Dean Martin and tonight’s very special Man of the Week, the governor of the state of California, the honorable Ronald Reagan. 

Dean Martin: Thank you. When I first learned we were honoring Governor Reagan tonight, the first thing I did was call all his friends, that didn’t take too long. Personally I don’t understand the man we’re honoring tonight. For years he was on TV as the host of Death Valley Days, where every week he woke with a team of mules and there he stepped into something soft, politics. In all his picture career  he never made an x-rated movie. His pictures were rated M. You couldn’t get in to see one unless you were accompanied by a moron. His movies were so bad they were shown at driveouts. There were a lot of your friends and admirers that couldn’t be here tonight, however they sent telegrams. I’d like to read some of them now. This first one is from the editor of Playgirl Magazine. Dear Governor Reagan, we wondered if you would consider posing nude for the centerfold of our next issue. We feel the American public would love to see a politician who has nothing to hide. Finally, here is a telegram from the president, President Nixon. Dear President Reagan I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your roast tonight, Dean invited me but I don’t trust anybody named Dean anymore.

Guest Roasters include:

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Ronald Reagan

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