Democrats Caught Cheating In Philly

Philly Voter Fraud
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Within minutes of polls opening in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, Democrats were reportedly caught illegally electioneering, handing out Democrat voting guides to voters who were in line to vote and blocking GOP poll watchers in the notoriously corrupt city of Philadelphia.

First, they were busted illegally electioneering with giant signs telling people to vote for Democrats on a polling place in Northeast Philly:

There were multiple similar illegal signs:

Then it was revealed that GOP poll watchers were walled off from the vote counting tables at a vote counting site with “no way to actually observe.”

The Philly GOP reported that polling places in Northeast Philly were not opened at 7:00AM as they were supposed to be, forcing people who had to go to work (see: Republicans) to leave.

Disturbing video was released showing a GOP poll watcher being forbidden from entering a polling place despite having proper paperwork:

Philly Democrats were seen handing out Democrat voting guides inside a polling place in Philly

A Democratic committeewoman in north Philly was filmed wearing a Biden mask and reportedly would not let GOP poll watchers into a polling place.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D), who announced on Saturday before a single vote had been counted that Joe Biden was going to be the winner of the election, was lambasted by Richard Grenell for “weaponizing his office against his opponents” by “characterizing Republican poll workers as a form of [voter] intimidation.”

Philly GOP also caught two people inside of one voting booth:

It gets worse.

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