The Dead Have Been Caught Voting in Democrat-Run New York City

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The New York Post reports that “Ballots have been mailed in to the New York City Board of Elections in the name of dead voters.”

Frances Reckhow, born in 1915 and died in 2012 but she not only requested a mail-in ballot, she filled it out, and returned it.

Gertrude Nizzere was born in 1919 and died in 2016 at 101 years old. She also requested an absentee ballot and filled it out, and returned it.

These are ballots that were discovered, but how many more are there?

This would not be so troubling except for the fact that the fraud had to be done purposely. It was no accident. Someone would have to request a mail-in ballot that belongs to a dead person and then fill it out, and return it.

It is likely that this is an organized effort on behalf of some person or an organization that is welling to go to all alot of trouble to discover people who have died but are still on the voter rolls, and then vote on the behalf of those dead individuals.

We also know that this is not a Republican effort because if it was, it would be the biggest story ever in the main stream media in right now. Since it’s not the biggest story right now we know that it is Democrats who are cheating and the media’s lies saying that voter fraud is not a real problem is another lie.

It is highly likely that John F. Kennedy was also helped to win the election against Richard Nixon in 1960 by the dead voters of Chicago.

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