Detransitioner Denounces ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care

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Cat Cattinson doesn’t believe in transgender ideology even though she identified as a “trans man” for more than 15 years.

“I’m a detransitioner,” she told The Epoch Times in an interview. “I identified as trans when I was a child, but now I accept my biological sex. I believe that a woman is an adult, human female. I don’t believe that trans women literally are women. I don’t believe that trans men literally are men. I still believe they’re biological males and females.”

She has many regrets about transitioning, but none as great as trying to take her own life twice as a teen, or injecting herself once a week with 40 to 60 milligrams of testosterone.

Cattinson, now 30, had just two minutes to tell her story at a California Senate Health Committee hearing in Sacramento on April 6. She is opposed to Senate Bill 923, which would require health care providers to compel staff and contractors to complete training on “gender-affirming care.”

She has been shunned by trans activists and ignored by politicians, the media, and the medical community.

Cattinson is not her real name. Like many others who oppose trans activism, she uses a pseudonym to protect herself and her family.

Childhood Years

Cattinson has suffered for years with gender dysphoria, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

After a traumatic experience when she was about five years old, Cattinson recalls hinting to her mom that she wanted to be a boy.

“I remember asking my mom, if it was possible for people to change sex, and she didn’t really know much about this,” she said.

Her mom told her that she’d heard of some men becoming women, but that it was “basically impossible” for a girl to become a boy, Cattinson said.

“So I just kind of buried it. I kind of considered myself to be a boy inside, but I didn’t think there was anything I could do about being a girl—until I was 13,” she said.

By Brad Jones

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