Don’t Be Duped by China’s Changing COVID-19 Policies

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Information coming from China’s CCP is propaganda, it was never intended to be accurate or reliable.

It’s easy to be duped by the Western world’s media coverage of China, but it’s important for readers to realize that information coming from the Chinese regime was never intended to inform the public about what has actually been going on. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promotes inaccurate propaganda to serve the sole purpose of furthering its own agenda.

In fact, in communications that are only available in Chinese, the CCP openly defines the official Chinese media as government-sponsored information.

For example, in this one recent CCP official document, translated via Google, the CCP states: “The media sponsored by the party and the government are the propaganda positions of the party and the government. They must be surnamed the party and must be in the hands of the party.” In Chinese culture, “surnamed the party” means owned by the CCP, and “in the hands of the party” means “completely controlled by the CCP.”

At the same time, we know for a fact that the pandemic is running rampant in China now and millions of people are currently feared to be dead. Even the CCP’s powerful propaganda machine has not been able to prevent information about the atrocities happening inside China from leaking out.

The Failure of the CCP’s Zero-COVID Policy

While the CCP pretended that their draconian zero-COVID policies kept the virus in check and the death rates down, people living inside communist China have told The Epoch Times that this is not the case.

We believe that throughout the COVID pandemic, people have been dying in record numbers from untreated viral infections, bad reactions to the vaccines, and the CCP’s anti-human policies that were supposed to contain the virus.

For quite a while now, crematoria have not been able to process the overwhelming number of dead bodies showing up at their doors. In rural areas, people are being forced to dig holes and bury their loved ones in the ground.

By Joe Wang and Jennifer Margulis

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