Doug Wardlow For Attorney General of Minnesota

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Doug Wardlow is running to be Minnesota’s Lawyer. As Attorney General, Doug will make Minnesota Fair and Safe. You deserve an Attorney General who will fight for you and your family.


As Minnesota’s Lawyer, Doug Wardlow will fight for these policies:

  • Protect Minnesota Families
  • Stand With Law Enforcement
  • Minnesota First
  • Stand Up For Job Creators, Laborers, and Farmers
  • Stop Financial Scammers
  • Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities
  • Defund Vulnerable Adults and the Elderly

Doug Wardlow Website

About Doug Wardlow

Doug Wardlow is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife Jenny and their three children, Winston, Annabelle, and Martin.

  • Doug Wardlow was born and raised in Minnesota, where he learned the value of faith, family and hard work
  • He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University and earned his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.
  • Served as a law clerk for Justice G. Barry Anderson in the Minnesota Supreme Court
  • Worked under Robert Lighthizer (now U.S. Trade Representative) fighting China’s practice of unfairly dumping subsidized Chinese steel
  • As a Constitutional Lawyer, Doug successfully defended the Constitution in cases all across the country
  • Doug and his wife, Jenny, are proud parents of three children, Winston, Annabelle, and Martin

Doug Wardlow Website

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