Dr. Jeffrey Barke Speaks Out On COVID-19 Madness

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Dr. Jeffrey Barke, MD, a family practice physician based in Newport Beach, California speaks out on the COVID-19 madness gripping the country during a rally in Riverside, California. This doctor represents thousands like him that are being systematically silenced by big tech, MSM, and government “experts”.

Main points made by the doctor are as follows:

  • Quarantining the healthy does not save lives
  • Face masks are not effective
  • Never in our history have we quarantined the healthy
  • The U.S. Constitution was not designed to restrain the people but rather the government
  • Governor Newsom has stepped on our freedoms
  • The fatality rate of COVID-19 is in the ballpark of a bad seasonal flu
  • We get over this virus by achieving herd immunity
  • We can never achieve herd immunity by keeping the herd quarantined
  • It’s time we allow the young and healthy to open the doors and get back to work

Dr. Barke: You’re Called Names If you Speak Out on Covid-19

Dennis interviews Dr. Jeff Barke. Barke, a doctor who serves on the national board of physicians and surgeons, shares his thoughts with Dennis and his audience about the current state of the Coronavirus crisis.

What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases?

Dr. Jeffrey Barke: Cases are rising, but the fatality rate is dropping. The average age of new cases is 31—fatality is so low for that age group that it’s hard to even calculate.

About Dr. Jeffrey Barke

Dr. Jeffrey Barke co-founded PersonalCare—the first primary care concierge medical group in Southern California. He saw a need for a new model based on spending more one-on-one time with patients and using in-depth diagnostic technology in order to create a more personalized wellness plan and more coordinated emergency care.

Dr. Barke earned his medical degree from the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency at the University of California, Irvine where he currently serves today as Associate Clinical Professor. Dr. Barke earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Barke has many passions, including family and community. He married his high school sweetheart and they have two children. He is the medical director of Pathways to Independence, a non-profit organization helping women at risk, and through PersonalCare, provides care to those in need. In addition, Dr. Barke is an elected member of the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Governers.

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