Eduardo Verastegui’s Dura Realidad (Hard Truth)

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Listen to Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui on abortion, Hispanics and Barack Obama.

The following is a portion of the video Dura Realidad (Hard Truth) presented by Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui in order to inform Hispanic voters about the issue of abortion and the position of Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama.

Even though this video has subtitles, we felt the English translation is worth reading on its own:

Eduardo Verastegui
Eduardo Verastegui

Hello, my name is Eduardo Verastegui. I would like to invite you to see a video that has greatly inspired me to fight for those who have no voice. Did you know that minority children are being aborted at more than double the rate of white children?

We Hispanics are the ones most affected by the abortion industry and I want to know why. Most abortion centers are found in Hispanic neighborhoods. Why is that?

Spanish newspapers, magazines, radio and television are saturated with ads and commercials promoting abortion. How come?

Abortion is not only a lucrative industry; it is also used by people who are racists, as a means of eliminating our people, since they consider us to be a threat to democracy in this country.

Unfortunately, most people do not know the truth about abortion and its terrible consequences. Did you know that more than three thousands babies are aborted each day in the United States and that 650 of those babies are Hispanic?

Perhaps some of you question whether it is necessary to show a video like this, and my answer is the same that they give in schools about showing movies of the Nazi holocaust. Teachers don’t show these videos in order to emotionally manipulate students. They show them because the Nazi holocaust represents a terrible evil that words alone cannot describe. The holocaust of abortion is no different. We instinctively know that abortion is something evil and if it is something so terrible that we can’t even see it, shouldn’t we perhaps not tolerate it either?

At the end of the video I will give you some important information about the position of Mr. Barak Obama on abortion.

Entire Graphic Video in English

After seeing this video some people ask how it is possible that abortion could be legal. I think abortion is legal because there are not enough men and women who raise their voice against abortion.

The only thing evil needs to prevail is for good people to be silent.

Did you know that since the legalization of abortion more than 40 million babies have been killed?

We need to put an end to abortion and political candidates play a very important role in this matter.

Did you know that Barak Obama supports abortions performed during the last trimester of pregnancy? That Obama supports the inhuman partial birth abortion? That Obama wants to finance abortions with the tax dollars you and I pay? As a law maker, Obama voted on several occasions against a law to protect babies who survived an abortion and were born alive. Obama is committed to removing all the pro-life laws that in many states currently offer protection to unborn babies and their mothers.

Mr. Obama does not agree that the parents of a 13 year-old girl who is pregnant would be notified before sh has an abortion. Absurd laws like this one that ignore the opinion of parent are precisely the ones that make it possible for pederast and the sexually depraved to force young girls to have abortions in secret in order to cover up their sexual crimes.

Obama is more interested in maintaining the legality of abortion than in the well-being of the babies, children and families of this country.

Let us unite and do something to defend life at every stage, from conception to natural death.

I want to thank you for watching this video. If you were as moved as I was, the babies need you to defend them. Please, may your compassion be turned into action. If you want more information in how to help us, if you are pregnant and you need help, if you have had an abortion and want confidential counseling, visit the following web sites:

Thank you so much and God Bless!

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