Eduardo Verastegui, A Real Hero

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José Eduardo Verástegui was born on May 21, 1974. He started as a Mexican model, and singer and moved from there into acting. He was part of the boy band Kairo and he later had a solo music career. He then starred in 5 soap opera’s (Mexican telenovelas) in only 4 years. He eventually played the lead in the feature film Chasing Papi and this got him voted among the 50 “Hottest” Hispanics by People en Español magazine.

Eduardo Verástegui

After a spiritual awakening in his life, he realized his career led him to seek only fame and financial gain and that he was “poisoning society with the projects he was involved in.” This was not what he wanted his life to be about. He wanted to be the “everyday hero, the man of integrity, the man who is willing to sacrifice everything for his family, a real man!” He determined, not only to entertain, but to make a difference.  He co-founded a production company called “Metanoia” which in Greek means ‘repentance’ with partners Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and Leo Severino. The company is based in Beverly Hills, California and it is committed to producing films with spiritual and moral values, that touch the consciences and hearts of people. Their first movie was a People’s Choice award winner at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival called Bella.

Eduardo Verastegui Interview

In 2012 Eduardo went on to star in Cristiada, better known as For Greater Glory. The movie is based on the true story about the rebellion (Cristero War – 1926-1929) that took place against the Mexican government when it attempted to secularize the country by persecuting Catholics in the 1920’s. Free men fought for the freedom to believe what they wish to believe.

For Greater Glory Trailer

Currently Eduardo Verastegui and Metanoia Films are working on a film called Little Boy, the “adult fairy tale” of an unusual 8 year old boy who struggles to achieve the impossible . . . to bring his father back from World War II. The film is in the style of the classic films like Life is Beautiful and Forest Gump and its look and direction are inspired by the works of Norman Rockwell.

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