Leukemia Treatment Virtually Eradicates Cancer, Kills ‘Pounds’ Of Cancerous Cells

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Huffington Post ~ A new leukemia treatment is wowing even the researchers behind its creation, providing results beyond their wildest expectations.

It’s virtually eradicated cancerous leukemia cells in the first three patients it’s been tested on.

In two of the first three patients the process was tested on the treatment completely destroyed the most common type of leukemia, according to MSNBC. In the third patient, the treatment seems to have reduced the cancerous cells to 70 percent of what they once were.

“Within three weeks, the tumors had been blown away, in a way that was much more violent than we ever expected,” said senior author Carl June, MD told Penn Medicine.

Amazingly, the breakthrough actually uses patients’ own T cells to fight the cancer, according to the University of Pennsylvania’s news release. Researchers took the T cells of the patients, ran them through Penn’s vaccine production facility, and then reintroduced them to the patients’ bodies following chemotherapy.

In more scientific terms, from Penn Medicine:

After removing the patients’ cells, the team reprogrammed them to attack tumor cells by genetically modifying them using a lentivirus vector. The vector encodes an antibody-like protein, called a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), which is expressed on the surface of the T cells and designed to bind to a protein called CD19.

Once the T cells start expressing the CAR, they focus all of their killing activity on cells that express CD19, which includes CLL tumor cells and normal B cells. All of the other cells in the patient that do not express CD19 are ignored by the modified T cells, which limits side effects typically experienced during standard therapies.

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