Erik Prince Responds To Psaki Who Accused Him Of Profiting Off Kabul Debacle

Erik Prince on War Room with Steve Bannon
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“War Room” played tape of White House flack Jen Psaki criticizing Erik Prince for trying to rescue Americans and others from the Kabul airport, claiming that he was  profiteering off the debacle. Here is part of Prince’s response, as he talks from the airport in the midst of an murderous attack waged by the Taliban:

“I almost wear it as a badge of honor if she attacks me. I think those are tougher words for me than she has ever even had for the Taliban. I’m certainly not in this to make money, but … I can’t just bill an owner of an airplane to fly their uninsured jet into a war zone to evacuate people. I have to charge something, and unlike the federal government which just prints money ad nauseam and creates it and then wastes it, that’s not how we can roll as private citizens. … She’s firing torpedoes at boats that are trying to help at a Dunkirk type of evacuation.”

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