Ex-NFL star Jack Brewer: Why Trump policies are secretly loved by most liberals

(even if they won’t admit it)

Ex-NFL star Jack Brewer: on Trump policies.
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Black unemployment stays at a record low for September 2019

Former NFL player Jack Brewer weighs in on the September 2019 jobs report.

Imagine a country where the president was promoted by the media as a far-right extremist, yet his signature policies align with the core issues preached by far-left liberals.

If we could remove the double standard, President Donald Trump would likely be more popular with liberals than favorites like Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy.

In under 3 years, Trump has accomplished many of the things that Democrats, for years, have promised they would do.

Since Election Day 2016, the media has freaked out about things that Trump has never done while refusing to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments of his administration

In what areas has Trump succeeded where others have not:

Peace Not War

President Trump has continued to pull our troops out of the endless wars which have caused criticism from both political parties.

Illegal Immigration

Liberals across America have branded President Trump as a “racist in chief” because of his efforts to protect the border and hold illegal immigrants accountable for breaking the laws that govern the United States.

President Obama deported 3 million illegal immigrants during his two terms, nearly double the pace of President Trump.

Mass Incarceration

As millions of black men deal with the mandatory minimum sentences resulting from the 1994 crime bill passed by Bill Clinton and authored by Joe Biden, President Trump actually passed the first major legislation that chipped away at mass incarceration.


The last thing that a traditional liberal would tolerate was pay-to-play, or politicians who come to their office broke and then leave rich.

The Clintons were $12 million in debt in early 2001 and then reached a net worth of over $200 million without ever having a major business.

Vice President Biden’s family was worth less than $500,000 in 2008 and then within a matter of 5 years his family has taken in cash and equity from numerous international companies and made over $15 million since leaving the Obama administration.

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