FBI Weighing ‘whether to seek searches’ of Biden’s Other Homes

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  • President Biden was in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware while his Wilmington-area property was being searched by Justice Department officials
  • They recovered six files, a number of which has classified markings, per lawyer
  • Meanwhile House Republicans are expanding their probe into the Biden family by examining both his finances and his handling of classified records 

U.S. prosecutors are now considering possible searches of other locations linked to President Joe Biden after the Department of Justice (DOJ) found yet more classified files in his possession, it was reported late on Saturday.

Federal officials are ‘considering whether to seek searches’ of additional areas after six additional items were found at Biden’s Wilmington home, according to CBS News.

The news broke while he was at his Rehoboth Beach vacation property. 

Meanwhile, Republicans are knives out for the president amid the growing scandal.

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer said his investigation into the Biden family was moving into its ‘next phase,’ which reportedly involves both the classified documents and the president’s finances – along with those of his son Hunter Biden.

‘We’ll be looking at bank statements. We’ll be looking at bank violations,’ Comer told the Washington Examiner.

‘That’s the next phase of our investigation because we’re trying to figure out who these anonymous sources are that are sending so much money to the Biden family schemes – the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Hunter Biden’s artwork.’

Investigating the Biden family and its finances has been a top priority for Comer and House Republicans ever since clinching the chamber majority late last year.

But the president is also being investigated by a special counsel, appointed by his own Attorney General Merrick Garland, over his handling of classified records.

The latest discovery reportedly brings the total number of classified files found to between 25 and 30.

It’s not immediately clear how many of the six documents revealed on Saturday were top secret in nature.

But the documents found Saturday range from Biden’s three-decade tenure in the Senate and his time as Barack Obama’s vice president.

The DOJ searched Biden’s Delaware residency for more than 12 hours, according to a statement by the president’s personal lawyer revealing the new documents.

By Elizabeth Elkind

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