Finally, the Bully Governor Cuomo has been exposed: Devine

Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking
Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking at a press conference on February 24, 2021. Seth Wenig/Pool via REUTERS
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Video Above: Fox News contributor Miranda Devine on the growing scandals surrounding Andrew Cuomo.

Tough contest, but Mayor Putz, Bill de Blasio, is more popular in New York these days than the Granny Killer, Gov. Cuomo.

“People would tend to like a bungling idiot more than a homicidal maniac” is how “Bernie and Sid” put it yesterday on their top-rated WABC radio show. 

And that was in the morning, before former Cuomo adviser Lindsey Boylan dropped a bucket on her ex-boss, alleging he “sexually harassed me for years,” to the point that she felt nauseous coming to work and finally had to quit. 

“Andrew Cuomo abused his power as governor to sexually harass me, just as he had done with so many other women,” she wrote in an essay on Medium. 

She recalled in excruciating detail how Cuomo forcibly kissed her on the mouth, touched her “lower back, arms and legs,” once suggested they play strip poker, stalked her at a party and had staffers tell the 36-year-old married mother that he had a “crush on her.” 

When she confided in her family, her mother diagnosed the 63-year-old governor as a “sexist pig” and warned Lindsey to stay away from him. 

Already under fire over the nursing-home scandal, Cuomo can add “sexual predator” to the long list of allegations that has both Democrats and Republicans demanding that he resign or be impeached

Boy, the worm has turned on the “Luv Guv,” and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 

The outrage is that his bullying, catastrophic ineptitude has been obvious to his Democratic colleagues from the start. 

As city Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said Wednesday at an ­anti-Cuomo rally, everyone knew what the governor was. 

“This is who he has always been long before the pandemic . . . It is finally exposing who we knew this governor was all along, from pay-to-play with real estate to pay-to-play with nursing-home owners, to ducking accountability, to passing blame to everyone but himself, to bullying tactics.” 

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