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FirstSpear TV is an entertainment channel built for those who want more eye-grabbing, edge-of-your-seat action. Get a sneak peak at fielded and emerging advanced equipment in use by the world’s best Special Operations Forces. There are no actors in our videos, instead they come from unique and diverse backgrounds in Special Operations, Law Enforcement, and Security. FirstSpear TV will not provide details of the TTP’s or explanations of how a mission was conducted. This channel about shock, awe, and recognition of those who provide the freedom that the rest of us enjoy.

Below is the video playlist for FirstSpear TV episodes which show awesome equipment in action. Please recognize that freedom and safety are not free, and respect those who protect us and our freedoms.

FirstSpear develops hundreds of new products every year for some of the most elite military and law enforcement professionals in the world. Items built to meet their needs, refined with their input, and proven on the battlefield and in the street.

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