Do you love America more than you hate Donald Trump?

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Do you love America more than you hate Donald Trump? If your answer is not an immediate and fervent YES, then we have bigger problems than President Trump. If you love America, FOREVER AMERICA! will be hard to watch. But we all must know what is at stake in the upcoming election. America is in trouble. Everything she stands for–her very foundations are now threatened like never before in history. God Save America and God bless you all.

@ 0:00 – “Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty” pilot short:
@ 0:29 – “I Have a Dream” MLK speech posted by Rare Facts:
@ 3:08 – “We Know Joe!” by Black Voices For Trump:…
@ 5:15 – “The Best Argument For President Trump’s Re-Election” by Charlie Kirk:
@ 7:57 – “All-American Trump” painting by Jon McNaughton, purchase here:…
@ 8:27 – “Trump Does The Unthinkable” video and article by outstanding journalist Liz Crokin:
@ 8:53 – “RNC – Herschel Walker”:
@ 11:35 – “RNC – Jack Brewer”:
@ 15:50 – “Epic Patriots” shot and directed by Darin Southam and Philip Niu
@ 16:02 – Fanpole BEST TRUCK FLAG POLE purchase one here:
@ 16:32 – “Pure F-15 Strike Eagle” by Wonkabar007:

@ 0:00 – “The Great Leap” by Succession Studios:
@ 1:11 – “One Hundred Strings” by Succession Studios:
@ 5:15 – “Universum Obscura” by Succession Studios:
@ 7:57 – “Apotheosus” by Audiomachine:
@ 8:53 – “The Truth” by Audiomachine:
@ 11:48 – “Homecoming” by Audiomachine:
@ 14:53 – “The New World” by Audiomachine:

This video was created by Darin Southam

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart