FOX NATION Patriot Awards 2019

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The Fox Nation opinion streaming service is planning its first FOX NATION Patriot Awards 2019 for November 6, 2019, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

FOX NATION Patriot Awards 2019 celebrates “modern day patriotism by honoring individuals across the country who have shown steadfast dedication to our nation, and the patriotic values we hold dear”. Many wonderful celebrities will attend including Steve Doocy, Diamond and Silk, Ed Henry, Pete Hegseth, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Tomi Lahren and many others. But this Awards ceremony isn’t about the stars, but about thanking America’s real heroes both who have served in the military as police offices and just plain people who have made a difference in other’s lives.

There will be opportunities for photo ops and meet and greets with the personalities as well as “the chance to obtain an autographed whiskey bottle from John Rich.” But the real celebration is about America and wonderful Americans!!!

All ticket sales go to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

Enjoy clips from the FOX NATION Patriot Awards 2019 event below:

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