Gaetz Votes For Trump In Speaker Election

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On January 5th, Matt Gaetz stood up in a divided House, in the midst of an election for speaker, and cast his vote for none other, than President Donald Trump. After 7 rounds of voting, Kevin McCarthy has been unable to reach the threshold of “218” votes to become speaker. As of this writing, the eight elections for speaker are taking place, with the frontrunners being Hakeem Jeffries, Kevin McCarthy, Byron Donalds, and Donald Trump.

Undoubtedly, Donald Trump will not become speaker of the house, however, it is astonishing to see Matt Gaetz cast his vote for the former president. Gaetz and several other Freedom Caucus members such as Lauren Boebert, Chip Roy, and Dan Bishop, have vowed that they will never vote for Kevin McCarthy, earning the nickname of “Never Kevin”.

Additionally, it has become clear that McCarthy does not have the votes to become speaker. Repeatedly, McCarthy has fallen short of 218, consistently, earning between 201 to 202 votes, anytime an election is conducted. Due to the fact that McCarthy will not receive the votes anytime soon, Gaetz and other House Republicans are just throwing names into the ring, knowing that these names, or candidates will not make it to 218.

It would be poetic justice for Trump to become speaker of the house. Imagine the look on the faces of the Democrats. Adam Kinzinger would go on CNN and cry a bucket full of tears, complaining how “tyrannical” Trump is.

Accordingly, on January 4th, Sean Hannity interviewed Lauren Boebert, one of the members voting against McCarthy, and asserted to Boebert if the actions her caucus is taking, is a “game show”. Hannity stated, “Isn’t it time for you and your side to pack it in considering he [McCarthy] has over 200 [votes] and you have 20? In response, Boebert depicted, “I understand the frustration. I promise you”. The idea that Sean Hannity supports Kevin McCarthy for speaker, is appalling in several respects, considering McCarthy has governed like a liberal at times, and who’s only intention is acquiring power for himself.

As of this writing, Matt Gaetz is the only House member to cast his vote for President Trump. Upon casting his vote, the House roared at Gaetz. “Boos” from the left and “Boos” from the right. Understandably, the left despises Trump and thinks he’s worse than Hitler. However, the Republican members who booed Gaetz for his vote, are full of nescience.

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