January 6th – Two Years Later

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At the end of last year, the House January 6th Committee released their report. As expected, former President Trump was found “ultimately responsible for the insurrection”, and the Committee referred to DOJ for criminal charges against him. The report was the fuel that elevated the horrifying status of the event to the level of an “act of domestic terror without parallel in American history”, “one of the darkest days of our democracy”, comparing it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. 

But what exactly happened? I feel the question itself irritates many. The history was already written, there is no other interpretation allowed, the case is over. Really?

Let’s look at some of the facts. More than one million Americans gathered in Washington DC to protest “the stolen election”. One of the protesters was shot by a security guard, no other died from a direct impact of the “riot”. Material damages of about $100,000 were inflicted. Nothing was burned. The Capitol building was evacuated and locked down for a few hours. How is this one of the worst days in American history?

Of course, it is not even close. Let’s put aside the Committee’s report and the brutal mainstream propaganda. What I saw was a brave expression of one of the best qualities of the American people – their love of freedom and the will to stand for it. 74 million (at least) Americans voted for Trump. They and their families make up half of all Americans. Most of them sincerely believed that the election was rigged. Many of them sacrificed time and money to show up in Washington DC to exercise their constitutional rights. To me, this is a beautiful American story showing the heart of true America.

I agree that there were conspiracy and collusion. And they are still here – between the Democrat’s political machine, Mainstream media, and Big Tech. They keep painting a deceptive reality to cover the truth. Since Trump’s first day in office, they have been a consolidated political player, aiming to destroy the seating president by any means possible. They did so through the invention of events that never happened (Russian hoax), fraudulent misrepresentation of real events (riots following George Floyd’s death), and total disregard of extremely important facts which do not fit their political agenda (Biden’s corruption ties to China and Ukraine). They spent two and a half years on the Russian nonsense without even a “smoking gun”. Conversely, they did not even notice Tony Bobulinski’s “nuclear weapon” for Bidens’ business ties with communist China, and shamelessly dismissed Hunter’s laptop story as “Russian disinformation”. The election was not rigged? Whether the Mainstream Media and Big Tech are propaganda vehicle of the Democratic Party, or the Party is a political tool in the hands of globalists powers behind the Media and Big Tech – the ultimate result is a totalitarian political order, which suppresses and dismantles the very pillars of a free society – freedom of speech and rule of law. In this apparent conspiracy, half of the Americans saw a threat to their freedom, prosperity, and national dignity – and that’s why more than one million of them showed up in Washington. Who expects the regime to acknowledge any responsibility for this protest? Instead, they are pointing fingers at the victims of their crime and keep pushing their false narratives on everything. Recession does not exist, inflation is “transitory”, price hikes are “all Putin’s fault”, foreign policies fiascos are diligently covered up, the South border is not open?! It’s not only about the rigged election. At stakes are our freedom, our way of life, the future of our kids and grandkids.

Of course, the intrusion of protesters into the Capitol building was illegal – as was the throwing of the chests of tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773. A few hours of patriotic protest against America’s submission to the globalists elite was stigmatized as “insurrection against the United States”. For comparison – the riots following George Floyd’s death lasted three months, and cost insurance companies about $ 2 Billion. Nearly 20 people died during these protests, many were beaten and assaulted, businesses and federal buildings were burned down. Three months of lawlessness and a permanent insult to America are portrayed by the regime as an “inspiring social justice movement”.

Could I be wrong? Of course – but let’s debate, argue, and listen to each other. This is America, at least until recently. To “cancel” the opponent is something else. Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler systematically “canceled” millions of people they disagreed with. At the same time, the Americans had the freedom to freely speak, without fear of persecution. Not anymore. The collusion between Big Tech and Mainstream media creates a parallel, fake reality, where all is turned upside down. The ultimate results are lost freedom, growing fear, and conquered country, where everything is aligned to the definitions of the regime in power. A totalitarian matrix, against which you cannot say a word. The new high-tech compilation of the Holy Inquisition, Kristallnacht, and the Gulag says that January 6th is the worst. Period.

I lived in a similar reality before, under the crushing communist propaganda in Eastern Europe. Of course, the details are different, but the core seems the same. The communist regime perverted the truth, and ruled through fear, severely punishing every disagreement with their interpretation of history. In the U.S. today, the entire January 6 narrative aims that no one can even think to challenge the political regime in power. That’s why all “rebels” and “insurrectionists” must be silenced, dehumanized, punished, and ultimately canceled. Thus, even those who disagree, are pressured to condemn the “riot”.

In my memory, the rebellion and insurrection against totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe, backed by the U.S., led to freedom, equity, and prosperity. Long before that, the rebellion and insurrection against the British Crown led to the birth of the greatest country in the world. It matters what the rebellion is about, and what the insurrection is against. To rightly assess history, we must freely discuss it, without lies, intimidation, and fear.

We must know the truth.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart