Georgia Elementary Teacher Fired for Opposing Children’s Book Depicting Same-Sex Couples, Now Suing School

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A Bryan County substitute teacher says she was terminated from her job at McAllister Elementary School after she reported a children’s book containing illustrations that go against her religious values.

Part of the school’s new library read-aloud program, children’s book “All Are Welcome” contains illustrations of nontraditional forms of marriage, including depictions of a same-sex male couple.

Since being fired, teacher Lindsey Barr lawyered up and began a lawsuit against Bryan County Schools and McAllister Elementary in Georgia for violating her constitutional rights—and her rights as a parent.

Also a mom of three sons, all currently attending Bryan County Schools, Barr said she learned about the book on Aug. 15 through the school librarian, who made it public on Facebook ahead of the read-aloud program, adding that she was already on “high alert” after previous interactions.

“I believe in traditional marriage, as outlined by the Bible, that marriage is held between a man and a woman—deeply held religious beliefs,” she told The Epoch Times. “This book depicted images that were contrary to that.”

Barr reported her findings to a fellow teacher forthwith, and shortly thereafter emailed McAllister Elementary’s Principal, Heather Tucker, voicing her concerns, and requesting that her own children be excused from the reading.

“[Principle Tucker] ended up calling me the next day, and I was not at school,” Barr said. “She said that my kids would be excused from that reading program.”

But the debacle didn’t end there.

Barr asked for an opportunity to meet the principal in private to discuss the matter, but with that came consequences. “I basically told her … we have deeply held religious values that we’re teaching our children about marriage, and that I felt like the book is outside of that,” Barr said.

As a substitute teacher, Barr uses a platform to pick up classroom work. She can choose her own schedule and it’s fairly flexible, she said. Usually, she’s awash with jobs. Then something changed.

By Michael Wing

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