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GivePower is a team of engineers, developers and clean energy thought leaders. We design, build and deploy renewable energy systems that provide food, water and light to those who need it most.

GivePower’s Solar Water Farm in Likoni, Kenya

For the people of Likoni, Kenya, a low-income community on the outskirts of Mombasa, finding accessible water is a daily struggle, and purchasing water is largely cost-prohibitive for most in this low-income area. As a result, people often drink salty, bacteria-ridden water which can severe illness and even death.

In June 2020, GivePower’s Solar Water Farm Max went live in Likoni. For the first time, this community has access to clean, healthy water for their families. The Max system can produce up to 70,000 liters of fresh water and provide access for up to 35,000 people every single day.

GivePower & Inspire Trek: Power for Ramche, Nepal, 2019

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