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Voices of Freedom Phil Kline and Got Freedom

Because the law is designed to protect the weakest and the most vulnerable, these are the ones who need it that is what Phil Kline has learned.

There is big tech money in the local government playing favorites in an election. This should be very concerning to the American voter. Do you think you and I should tolerate this? What has happed in America is you have Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire in the accounting room and America has been kicked out. This undermines the entire integrity of this US election in 2020.

The liberty we possess as Americans are possessed by us because of human truths but a truth dictated by a higher power, that of the Creator, “that all men and women are created equal”. These are truths that should be and must be considered self-evident.

If one person wants to the speaker at a rally and everyone else disagrees, then that one person has the right to speak, if one person wishes to worship like he/she wishes to worship then he/she has that right, these are the free rights we all have been given to us by our creator. It is these rights that must be preserved.

America is not in the counting room of this election. This is unprecedented, we have been forced out, this practice is not something we as free people who have to endure. These corrupt practices are found within communist and fascist governments where people do not have the right to vote or speak. This is an election of unprecedented censorship and illegal activity.

In Philadelphia, they went as far as denying a court order to keep us from seeing what is happening, and on top of that, they’ve invited a billionaire into the counting room.

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