Sidney Powell, A Lesson on the Constitution and Conservatives Must Unite

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The separation of Sidney Powell from President Trump is nothing for Conservatives to fear. Here is a short history of Constitutional application to presidential elections. Conservative voices must unite!

Partial Transcript

Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Ladies and gentleman with regards to Sidney Powell and the whole legal team issue, the big story that broke over the weekend. Sidney Powell’s on task. She’s on target. She’s focused. She’s going to be presenting evidence in proper and effective ways and in proper and effective venues. She is not going to be presenting evidence and facts of the case to Tucker Carlson. Tucker, I dig you man, but chill. And she’s, she’s implied that they’re perhaps may be highly elected officials, I should say officials that are elected at high levels, that may be under the scrutiny of her investigation. So don’t let your hearts be troubled about any of that. It’s all good and well. The statement came out about the clarification of roles between her and then the Rudy Giuliani lead team that’s representative President Trump. She has never taken a retainer fee from the, from the campaign. Sidney’s not on board as a Trump attorney and she has never been so. So she’s going to go down a different avenue and pursue people and systems that were responsible for the voter fraud. And President Trump by law can’t go after and sue elected officials. That’s against the law here, if you haven’t already heard. You need to read up on that. So if you’re on the right side you don’t need to worry about it. They had to make this decision. They had to do it for strategic reasons and other reasons as well, but don’t be frightened by any of this. It’s not that they’re throwing her under the bus and so forth. If she claims that she has massive evidence of a vote switching by the Dominion and the Scorecard software systems, she’s going to go after those elected officials and we’re going to just see, right. We’re going to see the wisdom of the words that President Trump says, “let’s see what happens”. There’s real wisdom in those words, “let’s just see what happens,” everybody. We don’t want to fool anybody. It’s an uphill battle for sure but I think it’s one that there’s a path to for President Trump and I think it’s one in which he will probably win. We will see what happens.

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