Google search doesn’t pick up this website for the term “the thinking conservative” Why?

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Good News!!! We are now at least on page one for the keyword “The Thinking Conservative”.

This video will show that the search term “the thinking conservative’ will bring up website in every prominent search including Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu but not in Google. Why is this?


So, today I noticed something interesting about my website. The Thinking Conservative originally was begun in 2012 as People Places and Pastimes. So it had been picked up quite a bit in the search engines. It had all kinds of information in it. But during an election season it tends to take on much more political outlook, so I recently changed the name to The Thinking Conservative, did everything I was supposed to do for Google and all the search engines. And I noticed that I was really having trouble getting new articles and posts actually to show up in a search engine. So I just thought I’d do, you know, just something very simple to look at the different search engine such as, you know, you’ve got Google, you’ve got Bing, and you’ve got Duck Duck Go.

Here’s Google, I typed in the The Thinking Conservative just that, and obviously the domain name is going to be everywhere, so the thinking conservative is everywhere on this website. So, I type it into Google and I looked through and, not on the first page, not on the second page, not on the third page, will I just kept going and going. And is not on any page for this particular or my particular website. So I went over to being and I thought, okay, I’m going to do the same thing.

So here’s Bing and I typed into The Thinking Conservative. Well look, starting with the first top position second position third position 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, it’s all over the place. So that’s the first page of Bing if you type in The Thinking Conservative. Okay, so I thought okay, let’s check out Duck Duck Go. How does Duck Duck Go do? Here’s Duck Duck Go, as you can see by the little icon here. So the conservative blog is the first one which has been around awhile. The second one is mine, the third one is the conservative, The Thinking Conservative, keep going down the page, keep going down the page, keep going down the page, so all the way down the page is The Thinking Conservative.

As you can see The Thinking Conservative also has the number one and other top positions on Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu, so it seems like on every other search engine we’ve got the top positions except for Google.

It’s not like somebody’s going to actually use that key word to get into my website, but it just goes to show you the difference between how Google algorithms work, here, is Google, where I don’t exist anywhere, Bing, where if you type in The Thinking Conservative I’ve got the top positions, and the same with Duck Duck Go. So, is it because I’ve got the word “thinking” in my domain name that it’s blocking, or is it because I’ve got the word “conservative” in there, that it’s actually blocking, or not allowing my site to show up. So something is wrong with this picture or with the algorithms that are being used by Google. So, I just thought it would be interesting to show you guys what’s going on with the term, and I’m sure it’s the term conservative versus the word thinking, so anyway that’s why I made this video I just wanted you to see what was going on and maybe you guys can give me some feedback or opinions to why this is happening.

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