Great — now ‘liberal’ ChatGPT is censoring the The Post’s Hunter Biden coverage, too

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The popular new artificial intelligence service ChatGPT refused to write a story about Hunter Biden in the style of the New York Post — but gladly spit out a CNN-like puff piece protective of the president’s embattled son.

It is the most recent example of the futuristic AI’s liberal bias, which seems to have been programmed in by creator OpenAI.

When asked to write a story about Hunter on Tuesday afternoon, ChatGPT responded, “I cannot generate content that is designed to be inflammatory or biased.”

The Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop has been confirmed by Hunter himself, and is the basis of ongoing Department of Justice and congressional investigations.

Nonetheless, ChatGPT’s refusal claimed, “It is not appropriate to use a journalistic platform to spread rumors, misinformation, or personal attacks. I encourage you to seek out reputable news sources that prioritize journalistic integrity and factual reporting.”

But the program denied writing a story like The New York Post.

ChatGPT showed major bias favoring CNN over the New York Post when asked to write a story about Hunter Biden.

By Alex Mitchell

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