Grenell takes on Warner in response to complaints about declassification of Flynn unmaskers

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Acting DNI Ric Grenell wrote a letter to Vice Chair of the Senate Intel Committee Mark Warner (D-VA) in response to the Democrat’s complaints over the declassification of the identities of people who sought to unmask General Flynn in his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Senate Intel Committee Mark Warner (D-VA) letter accused the DNI of compromising sources and methods in his decision to declassify the list of people who unmasked General Flynn.

Acting DNI Ric Grenell responded in his letter with the following:

“As you well know, the decision to declassify the names of individuals who sought to unmask the identity of General Flynn poses no risk of compromise of either sources or methods. Additionally, far from undermining the credibility of the Intelligence Community, the utmost transparency in this matter builds public trust and confidence in the Community and ensures the IC will not conceal potential abuse behind unnecessary security classification.”

“I find it puzzling that your letter initially complains about the declassification of the identities of unmaskers, a declassification that posed no conceivable risk to sources or methods, only to then request the declassification of actual intelligence reports. Cherry picking certain documents for release, while attacking the release of others that don’t fit your political narrative, is part of the problem the American people have with Washington DC politicians. I would appreciate it if you would explain your philosophy on transparency as it appears to be based soley on political advantage.”

“Lastly, I should add, I gladly would have discussed this and other intelligence matters with you directly had you not chosen to cancel our planned call and then ignored subsequent requests by my office to reschedule.”

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