Holding Government Righteous

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An accounting audit of the financial and integral operations of often corrupt governmental institutions and a reckoning of the practices and the principles they continually violate.

As a point of democratic concern, there is no such thing as treason against the government; there can only be treason against the people, meaning the neglect by duly-elected officials and their dominions to abide by the Constitution which they have sworn to defend, the denial or diminishing of their appointed manner of service, and their unwillingness to respect and honor the inalienable rights of citizens — to wit, each individual is entitled by law to unceremoniously rebuke and then peaceably reject the systematic failures of the operating system. Saying thusly, any government station which then fails to heed this rebuke and rejection must forfeit its habitation among the temple buildings of patriotic reverence.

Before detailing corrective measures, let us dismiss two apocryphal myths associated with the current reversal of the natural order, namely “number” and “emergency”. However one may be moved to affirm the point just mentioned above, political scientists would rejoin with the argument, as it pertains to practice rather than principle, governing a nation of millions of disparate and disagreeable individuals, each having their own sorted pursuits, begs the effect that “the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of even a rightful one”… in accordance with physical nature and temporal measure. No matter how many federal papers, founders’ writings, or philosophic treatises you accumulate or create, their collective worth shall not exceed the essential truth and necessary endorsement of the one Constitution. Next, come emergency closure for disease, war, natural disaster, or some other pressing matter beyond circumstantial fever: every “emergency”, per se, shall be a test of the system in approval of Congress, subject to the immediate referendum of the governed within a fortnight, or else be of stunted observance and nil execution.

Centering first only on the human resource aspects:

  1. Every elected official and staff personnel shall have that person’s financial status assessed over any given year by the equity method, not the verdant income method. This would mean that such a person, after having been accounted in total valuation at the beginning of term, must not show an increase in personal equity in excess of 10% over salary minus accompanying expenses respectively. Also complying with this rule shall be any member of the family or sheltered acquaintance. Amounts in excess of 10% should be automatically assumed to be the product of campaign or elected office despoiling, illegal influence and protection, or pernicious lobbying, thereby entitling the constituency to recovery and reimbursement.
  2. Specific programs and departments must correspond to specific funding-needs and appropriate statutory-means, both as a matter of legislation and subsequent departmental application, never intermixing or willfully transferring monies into fungible accounts. Such malfeasance and mishandling of government funds shall be taken in prosecution as de facto evidence of community theft to be paid out of the authors’ and/or executors’ personal funds.
  3. Any official acting in disobedience of rule of law or in defiance of the Constitution to which that official has sworn beforehand to uphold shall have all authority vacated and all benefits evacuated. There must be no “right of kings” or prohibitive “eminent domain” attributable to elected representatives and/or civil authority administers.

Many other modifications must be made to bring government’s righteous holding into proper perspective. Above all, shutting the spigot and tying knots in untethered lines of money should herald an import for strategic change, especially since most venture traders (traitors) enter politics for the express purpose of enriching themselves, as well as to satisfy their megalomaniac desire to control and dominate the lives of millions. Besides being exploited as a form of bribery toward the masses, this unlimited printing of money by (unsubstantiated) government fiat will inevitably result in the destruction of the capitalist economy.

In remedy of further peril:

  1. Judges, regulators, and board members who have witnessed their decisions being continually or regularly overturned by higher authorities, and yet turn a deaf ear to fairness and sensible propriety, shall become subject to loss of tenure, permanent disbarment, and removal or recall, especially if said oversight-redress indicates abuse of power, lack of professional integrity, and disdain of government duty and fealty. Any overseer (person or organization) which neglects to issue a proclamation of contempt and correction against these violators of justice shall be guilty of the same impropriety, and so become deserving of the same admonition/punishment, even unto the heads of Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.
  2. Whenever independent (civilian) counsel and investigation has found that department managers or other officials have assaulted citizens with harassment, threats of financial exposure, property or family confiscation, etc., or attempted to suppress workers or conduct retribution against verifiable whistleblowers (in notification of illegal operation or aberrant activity), these persons shall be charged and treated as ordinary individuals under the law without benefit of government protections or legal supplication. Moreover, officials and elected politicians must pay out of their own personal treasury for defense; wherefore, also, for continued lawsuits against citizens of the community of reckless purpose and no avail, having expended public funds in pursuit of unjustified persecution.
  3. At any level of government, federal or local, there must be both consequential intent and practical enforcement regarding any law, including the participation of those legislators who pass it and the officials who execute it – making them equally liable to the (above) ramifications of professional loss and dishonoring. Neither shall any politician or appointed official be exempt or waivered from paying an appropriate amount of taxes or from following with the same strictness the rules imposed upon the general public. Preferential treatment cannot be granted to illegals over certified citizens, criminals over victims, grand contributors over the impoverished forsaken masses. Extravagant circumstances cannot be contrived such as intemperate red lights, speed traps, excessive boating/fishing regulations, etc. in order to exact fines from law-abiding citizens while simultaneously ignoring homelessness, drug dealing, and the spreading of disease, violence, and murder in the open marketplace. The armed forces and the local constabulary must not be used as collection agents.
  4. No global nation or its registered corporations, friendly or otherwise, should be allowed to own American soil or the minerals contained within, whether purchased through proxy, company representatives, or some other intermediary of hidden agenda and latent control. Current ownership beyond 10% must be surrendered and sanctioned back into known American hands. Similarly, no American-registered company subject to SEC and FASB trading regulations shall be majority owned by foreign entities, whether overtly or discreetly handled. If any corporation tries to circumvent these rules by de-registering with the U.S. Government or engaging in secret alliances, then a massive excise tax should be levied on every item issued or made, regardless of where the good was conceived (domestically or elsewhere).
  5. No law or ordinance shall be introduced by any legislator which tends to desecrate or disintegrate the fabric of society or moves untoward the American sense of upright civil behavior. There shall be no pronouncement of racial rancor in the guise of “scientific truth”, thereby disrupting cooperation and harmony among the population; for example, that the expressed merits of work and fair play, the respect for the common good, and the institution of learned logical inference and study of mathematics are all just really impositions of ‘white supremacy’; that traditional family conception and upbringing are merely vagaries of history, and that there are really 57 brands of gender birth and any number of perverse sexual deviations. All such insults and offenses to reason are proffered as refuse dumps of anti-natural subsistence – promoting also, as it does, a clear violation of the First Amendment in the Constitution prohibiting the establishment of, in this case, an agnostic religion of perverse government ‘virtue’ and deliverance. Other wanton examples of moral deceitfulness include the Executive Branch brazenly setting up crime-enabling programs like smoking dens, illegal sanctuaries, or hazardous settlement areas in order to undermine or skirt the law. Beginning foremost with elections, no longer shall ordinances be in force which encourage election fraud, ballot tampering, and the wanton harvesting of votes. All Boards, from elections to licensing to liquor, must be beyond political influence, temptation blackmail, and external corruption.

In satisfaction of public duty:

  1. At no time shall the federal government use its dollar printing authority to overturn the prudent policies of financial efficiency and budgetary restraint. Under no circumstances shall it use its size and control of fund distribution as leverage and intimidation against the state or local governments, particularly for political favors. Again, all such persons involved and their accessories shall be charged, both professionally and personally, with extortion, racketeering, and malfeasance.
  2. No union of federal or local origins shall be permitted to contribute politically or by any other manifest means to those who command their operation, thereby fostering kickback schemes and insidious democratic misrule by rerouting taxpayer funding in order to gain influence over the taxpayers’ own representatives.

No doubt it shall take many years before any patriotically-concerned person shall read this letter, much less make whisper of America’s downfall through political debauchery and governmental indecorum. Such is the State of corruption that already exists, and will persist until it is brought into account.


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