How Big Tech Shifted 6 Million Votes; PA Judge Refuses to Certify; 1000s Fake Addresses in Georgia

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A researcher who spent 4+ years studying big tech’s effect on our elections, found that at a “bare minimum” 6 million votes in this election were shifted by one Silicon Valley company alone. How was it done?

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Good evening. Right now there are major developments in fighting voter fraud happening across Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and then afterwards discuss how big Tech giants like Google are suppressing any meaningful discussion of voter fraud in this country. Actually, come to think of it, isn’t YouTube owned by Google?

This is your 2020 election update and I’m your host Roman from The Epoch Times.

Now let’s begin our discussion with the biggest story of the day. Earlier today a judge in Pennsylvania order the state official’s to not certify the results of the 2020 election until after the court holds a hearing on an election contest on Friday. So this judge was a woman named Patricia McCullough. She not only order the states not to certify the presidential race, but she also block the certification of every other election result in the entire state of Pennsylvania as well. So why exactly is she doing this? She is currently presiding over a lawsuit brought forth by Republicans which alleges that Pennsylvania vote-by-mail statute, something named Act 77 is in violation of the states Constitution. The lawsuit states that Act 77 was the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania voting code and that it was implemented illegally. And so basically here’s what happened. When Pennsylvania announced yesterday that it was going to certify the election results, the plaintiffs in this case who were fighting against Act 77, they filed an emergency request just before midnight arguing that there was no need to be so fast, there’s no need to rush, particularly with this legal challenge that’s still in play. And so the judge accepted their emergency request and now will be waiting till Friday, which is actually Black Friday, so I guess the courts will still be open in Pennsylvania to see what happens in this case. We’ll throw the links to the articles and the lawsuit in the description box below this video if you want to check it out for yourself.

Now that’s going over to Wisconsin but before we do let’s take a short trip over to that like button that’s below this video make sure you hit that like button because YouTube seems to be censoring videos which are like this talking honestly about the election and you’re hitting that like button might Force the algorithm to share this video to thousands of more people and have the truth spread far and wide now it’s really go over to Wisconsin where a group there has filed an emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court after identifying a hundred and forty for potentially fraudulent ballots the group is doing this is a public interest law firm called the Thomas More society and they said that they have identified over a hundred and fifty thousand potentially fraudulent ballots in Wisconsin that’s more than enough to call into question the validity of the states reported election results so their count includes 144000 fraudulent votes and over 12,000 legal boats that were not counted and just for your reference over in Wisconsin Biden is currently leading Trump by about only 20,000 boats so these fines are major but where do they actually come from will the director of this group said that these discrepancies were a result of Wisconsin election officials willful violation of state law kind of sounds like what’s happening in Pennsylvania so one example that this group presented was that in Wisconsin this state law that requires voters to present photo ID when requesting an absentee or a mail-in ballot with the only exceptions to this lobbying motors for either hospitalized or indefinitely can find because of age physical illness or infirmity these researchers in Wisconsin found that nearly 100,000 people exploit of this indefinite confinement exemption by citing covid-19 now of course people were confined to their homes because of covet it so it will be interesting to actually dive into the details of each of these individual 100,000 people because even though on the surface and makes sense because you know when there’s Colbert you might not be able to go out but in my opinion it’s also a perfect opportunity for fraud so besides it is the group also said that if found more than 10,000 Republican ballots that were encountered at all if you’re interested in reading the entire 45 page report will throw the link to it in the description box below this video you can check it out for yourself times we actually reached out to the Wisconsin elections commission but they told us that they did not have any comment on the matter so now I guess all we can do is wait and see what it was constant Supreme Court decides who actually that’s not the only only thing that we can do because just a few days ago already been set into motion the deadline for the December 1st which is in 5 or 6 days with the Thanksgiving holiday also in there will let you know about any progress on that front as it becomes available now let’s go over to Nevada even though there are still several ongoing lawsuits making their way through the courts are the Nevada Supreme Court went ahead and decided to approve side and certify the States election results they are now going to be sent to Nevada’s governor was a Democrat for information so these moves essentially certified Joe Biden as the winter in Nevada by about 33,000 alleged widespread voter fraud including one claimed that 15000 people who voted in Nevada also voted in other states and yet amidst the justices of the Nevada Supreme Court certified the election result we reached out to the Trump campaign for comment but they didn’t immediately get back to us but I can’t imagine there is there making their way through the courts in the body will keep you abreast of any developments as they’re coming about and we’ll also throw the links to all of them in the description box below this video for you to check out for yourself now let’s go over to Georgia where we had a bombshell story published last night for a little bit of context in case you forgot Georgia right now is in the midst of their second recount at the request of the Trump campaign and it means this recount according to a group that is analyzing the state’s voter data based on something super interesting thousands of people in Georgia registered and voted using the addresses of postal facilities or businesses but when you look at these addresses on the piece of paper they were made to seem like residential addresses in Georgia they’ve identified over a thousand early or absentee votes cast by individuals whose register addresses are in fact at post office at UPS at FedEx locations but they will flee the sky’s the Box numbers as apartment unit Etc he also said that nearly everyone who this guy is a postal facility as their residential address use an absentee ballot to vote now according to Georgia’s election law the address of a person has to be where he actually permanently resides and anyone who knowingly gives false information when registering as an electron can be charged with a felony and put in prison for up to 10 years or fined up to $100,000 that’s according to that lock so it looks like the Georgia treasury might be getting a lot of money from the finals in the near future we actually reached out to the office of the Secretary of State in Georgia and this group is doing this research is not confining until to Georgia alone they also found the same thing happening over in Pennsylvania over there they found 1400 voters in Pennsylvania who listed a postal facility address as where they live just like in Georgia and beyond that they looked into why a large percentage of Republicans in Pennsylvania who requested an absentee ballot never returned it and so what they did was it actually picked up the phone and called over 1,000 Republicans in Pennsylvania who requested absentee ballots and what they said was that nearly 42% of these people who call did nail their balance back at least that’s what they said but why you look at the state data it shows that these ballots were never received and never counted this is a huge huge deal because they’re over 160,000 of these uncounted mail-in ballots that were requested by Republicans in Pennsylvania but never returned so what exactly happened to them and get her, some things but they have not responded to us this far so it’s even more shocking is that this researcher set of this problem is not only confined to Pennsylvania they called Republican voters who turned them in other states as well and here’s what they found in Arizona 50% of his Republican voters said that they mailed her balance back in Georgia it was 44% in Michigan 33% and then Wisconsin 20% Wendy’s researchers look at the actual data in these states they found that he’s ballots were never received and never counted how could so many republican not many volts can be lost in the mail because if you told me that maybe 5% of votes get lost in the mail okay maybe 7% I would still believe you but 44% in Georgia 42% in Pennsylvania just doesn’t make any sense links with the data from these researchers into the description box below this video for you to check out for yourself and I would highly recommend that you dive into it because it goes into so much detail that looks like a moment to discuss the power of the media in influencing elections a recent survey was conducted across seven Battleground States and they asked Jill Biden voters to questions so first question was whether if they knew about the hunter Biden scandals before the election would they have changed their vote and almost 10% of the respondents 9.4% to be exact said that they would they said that if they knew about the hunter Biden story they would not have voted for Joe Biden that is amazing now the second question that they asked Joe Biden voters was whether if they knew about the terror Reid sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden would that change their mind and 8.9 % of them said that it would not just from the server alone if you were to subtract the boats from the people who said that they would change their minds if they knew about these two stories that will be enough to push Donald Trump to have 311 electoral votes more than enough to relax and now it does not matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on because this is shocking on its face a free and honest media is supposed to be the cornerstone of our republic and yet right now 90% of the news outlets in this country are controlled by only six corporations I just look at what they’re capable of doing they kill the story of Hunter Biden they kill the story of Tara Reid and the American public has no idea how do you know what you don’t know it’s absolutely shameful now it’s not only the media outlets in this country during this according to dr. Robert Epstein who is a research psychologist Google shifted at a bare minimum of six million votes in the selection by pushing their political agenda on two users he said that unlike Yahoo Bing or DuckDuckGo Google search results were strongly bias in favor of Favor of liberals and Democrats earlier this month our team actually sat down and spoke with dr. Epstein and he said that he found what seemed to be a Smoking Gun that is they found over a period of days when the vote reminder on Google’s homepage was only being sent to liberals not one of their conservative field agents would they have recruited for This research received a boat reminder during those days he said that it was kind of reminder was being you systematically over a. Of time it affected more than just who voted on Election Day it also affected who sent in mail in votes and it affected register to vote and so on I mean Google is the world’s largest internet company with over a hundred thousand employees there ubiquitous everybody’s using it and according to this researcher there is evidence that they are pushing people to vote Democrat if it just Google of course not just a month ago Twitter censored anyone who share the hunter Biden story which was a story of mass of consequence of potential corruption foreign influence pay-to-play tactics and they essentially kill the story such that if you ask someone just read about Hunter Biden today they might not even know what you’re talking about and that’s exactly why are free and honest media is so important without knowing the truth without knowing the facts of the situation how can I be expected to make the decisions that our country needs us to me and that’s why I would highly recommend that you smash that like button that’s below this video that way the YouTube algorithm will be forced to share this video out to thousands of more people also if you haven’t already subscribe to this channel because we will have some amazing investigations coming to you in the very near future if I just yesterday I spoke to one of our journalists and he is working on an amazing story about cash for people buying votes with cash to subscribe to the channel look out for that story in the coming days and until next time I’m your host rolling from the epoch times stay informed and stay free.

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