Nearly a Tenth of Biden Voters in Key States Would Not Have Voted for Him Had They Known About Hunter Biden Scandal: Survey

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden
Joe Biden and Hunter Biden (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)
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Large numbers of seven battleground state voters who backed former Vice President Joe Biden would not have voted for him had they known about major stories the national news media ignored, according to a survey made public Tuesday.

Knowing about the scandals involving Biden’s son Hunter’s dealings with officials and firms in China, Ukraine and Russia would have prompted 9.4 percent of those surveyed to change their vote, according to the survey (pdf) of 1,750 Biden voters in Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan.

Knowing about the sexual assault allegations raised against Joe Biden by a former Senate aide would have led 8.9 percent of the respondents to change their vote, according to the survey. It was conducted by The Polling Company and has a 2.6 percent margin of error.

“The national news media stole this election, as far as I’m concerned, they deliberately stole it from President Trump,” MRC President Brent Bozell told a Tuesday news conference in releasing the survey results. “It is absolutely unequivocal, it cost Donald Trump the election.”

Bozell said the purpose of the survey was to determine if media bias against President Donald Trump and for Biden affected the Nov. 3 election in the most important states. Bozell’s organization has documented media bias for more than 30 years.

Subtracting the votes of respondents who said they would have changed their decision from Biden’s total in the seven states would have pushed Trump to 311 electoral votes, more than enough to re-elect him, according to the survey.

The eight major stories that were censored by the national media, according to Bozell, included these:

  • Hunter Biden’s financial dealings with foreign countries and individuals, including China, Russia and Ukraine.
  • Third quarter annualized Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 33.1 percent – the highest quarterly rate of growth ever.
  • The creation of over 11 million new jobs between May and September 2020.
  • The negotiation of multiple peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel and the subsequent Nobel Peace Prize nominations for Trump.
  • The sexual assault accusation by Tara Reade against Joe Biden from the 1990s.
  • Sen. Kamala Harris having the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate, even to the left of Sen. Bernie Sanders.
  • The $10 billion “Warp Speed” effort launched by Trump to expedite the development and production of CCP Virus treatments and vaccines. The disease is also known as the novel coronavirus.
  • The U.S. achieving energy independence under President Trump.

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