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Mike Huckbee: My first guest caused a political earthquake with his last book call Clinton Cash. He’s got a brand new book and it’s called Profiles in Corruption. It is rocking Washington DC because it exposes even more of the shady financial dealings involving Americas Progressive Elites. We welcome investigative journalist in the president of the Government Accountability Institute, Mr. Peters Schweizer. Peter, so happy to have you here.

Peter Schweizer: Thanks, Governors, its great to be here.

Mike Huckbee: Tell me, when you talk about profiles in corruption, who should we be looking at?

Peter Schweizer: Well, I think you should be looking at any political figure because I believe corruption is something that anyone’s capable of, but you have to really focus, I think, I’m going to go figures who want more political power. And the reason I focused in this book on progressives is their unique, Governor, unlike moderates or conservatives or classical liberals, they’re saying, we need a whole lot more power to solve the problems of this country, which of course is questionable whether they would, and that makes them unique, so they need special attention because they’re asking for so much more power.

Mike Huckbee: You have talked about that there’s not just Hunter and Joe Biden, and all of the Burisma oil and gas things in the Ukraine, but there are other Biden’s that are part of the a family business if you will. Explain that.

Peter Schweizer: Yeah I’ll call them The Biden 5, its a little bit like The Jackson 5, but it’s more a corruption oriented entity.

Mike Huckbee: I don’t think Joe’s got the moves of Michael, that’s for sure.

Peter Schweizer: I think you’re right about that. But, really it’s endemic in the way the Biden’s operate. You have Hunter Biden who’s done these deals in China and Ukraine and Kazakhstan. You got his brother. James. Consider this. A friend of the family goes to the vice president’s office in November of 2010, when Joe Biden his vice president. He set up a new construction company. Three weeks after that meeting at the White House, he adds James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother is Executive Vice President of the construction company. No here’s the problem, James doesn’t have any experience in construction, in major project management, none of that. Six months after that, this new construction company with the vice president’s brother as the executive vice-president lands a contract worth 1.5 billion dollars to build a hundred thousand homes in Iraq, funded by taxpayers, funded by the Obama-Biden Adminisration.

Mike Huckbee: So we paid for it.

Peter Schweizer: Yes

Mike Huckbee: But the brother of the vice president is making some serious bank because he happens to be related to the vice president, not because he’s a construction genius

Peter Schweizer: That’s exactly right. You see this with the Bidens and over and over again. You have a situation with his daughter, is married to an individual who started a business called Startup Health, that was literally launched in the Oval Office. Joe Biden brought executive from the company in to be meet Barack Obama, they get special place and get this Federal conference, and then over the next five years, Joe Biden, as vice president, is going and briefing the investors and partners of this company in private about health care policy in the Obama administration. If the Trump’s did this there would be outraged. I would be outraged. But the Biden’s did it and it’s standard operating practice.

Mike Huckbee: Well that leads to the obvious question. I’ve not heard this stuff in the mainstream media. I don’t think it’s on CNN or ABC, NBC, MSNBC why not?

Peter Schweizer: The situation is this. There are some good reporters there, but I think the management there essentially does not want to go after certain people, it’s out by political bias. But he added problem, Governor, is resources. I mean, this book took 18 months of research. There’s more than 1100 footnotes. There’s no anonymous sources. It’s very hard work to dig up this stuff.

Mike Huckbee: I want to move to Elizabeth Warren because, again, I’d never heard this stuff on media, but there’s some issues regarding Elizabeth Warren’s son-in-law. Tell me about that?

Peter Schweizer: Yeah, so Elizabeth Warren has corruption issues herself. Her daughter, there’s questions about some of the business work that she’s done. But her son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi, he’s from India, very bright guy, met Elizabeth Warren’ daughter at the Wharton Business School, has a whole host of businesses based in Indian and elsewhere, and we know that Elizabeth Warren’s familiar with them, because we actually have corporate records where she signed as a witness for some of the corporate documents. He set up a company called Tricolor Films that said on its website, recently taken down, that their business model, they was going to make films funded by foreign governments. What we discovered, and it’s all laid out in the book, is one of those actually film financed by the government of Iran, and he actually in the film credits, the son in law of Elizabeth Warren, thanks the Iranian Guard Airforce in the film for their contribution. I don’t know what their contribution was, but it was obviously something. And this is, of course, very troubling. If we’re going to be worried about politicians having stocking in a General Electric or companies, we need to be concerned about commercial ties their families have with foreign governments.

Mike Huckbee: Elizabeth Warren has been so critical about any corporate ties. Corporation shouldn’t make money. She’s made a lot of money, and a lot of money on corporate boards, and a lot of money speaking to big corporations. I don’t hear her apologizing for that

Peter Schweizer: No, she doesn’t. She play the oldest game in the book, a govenor. She was hired by Congress in 1993 through 1996 to help write bankruptcy laws in the United States, and she says and legal documents that some of those were incorporated into law in 1994. Well, what did she do? She went to corporations and said, you want to hire me to help you navigate the laws that I wrote.

Mike Huckbee: Bernie Sanders is also a person it’s, it’s been kind of interesting, he’s a socialist, believes that we basically ought to give 90% of our income to the government. He’s doing pretty well for a guy that was living off a Senatorial salary.

Peter Schweizer: He has, its funny. He used to, for about 38 years, he would always say our national politics shouldn’t be dominated by billionaires and millionaires. Well, about three and a half years ago he dropped the millionaire part, because he became one.

Mike Huckbee: He is one.

Peter Schweizer: And part of the reasons he became one is, he figured out the secrets, one of the dirty secrets, you know it because you know Washington well, which is if you’re running a campaign you can hire a media buyer to do your media buys to buy television and radio ads and that media buyer is entitled to a commission, 15% commission, and you don’t have to disclose it anywhere. Will, Bernie figured this out and you know what he did, he made his wife the media buyer so she got the commission off of media buys for his Congressional campaigns. And by the way, she had no background in media buying. She’d never done it before.

Mike Huckbee: What makes you personally most nervous, looking at our government, and, as you talk about in the book Profiles in Corruption.

Peter Schweizer: What makes me most nervous is that there are, unfortunately, people on both sides of the aisle that like that way of doing business. They don’t want to address it, they don’t want to deal with it. I think it’s one of the reasons why Donald Trump is such a disruptive force. You know he’s called the Biden’s out on this and it makes a lot of people nervous. So my concern is there’s going to be complacency about this in the capital, everybody outside the Beltway is outraged, and we need to let our elected officials know, we care about this stuff, this matters, because it effects the type of government were going to get.

Mike Huckbee: Peter, great to have you here. Thank you very much Peter Schweizer. By the way, before you vote this year, you really should read this book. It’s called Profiles In Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elites it’s available now on Amazon all major booksellers and you can also find a book and much more in Peter Follow him on Twitter @PeterSchweiz and on Facebook @ PeterSchweizerauthor.

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