HR 127 Is One of the Worst Gun Control Bills I’ve Ever Seen and Here’s Why

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HR 127 Is One of the Worst Gun Control Bills I’ve Ever Seen and Here’s Why

Not too long ago I did a video about TX House Representative Sheila Jackson Lee introducing HR 127 which is a gun control bill that would require Gun Licensing, Registration and a partial Ammo ban.

At the time the text of the bill wasn’t available, but the text is available now and it’s worse than imagined.

Normally, I’d read a bill like this and just smirk because I knew it would have a hard time passing. That’s not the case now because the Democrats have control of the House, the Senate and the white house so they’re going for broke.

Remember when I said the real goal of a universal background checks was to use it as an excuse to create a national gun registry? Well, Sheila Jackson said let’s stop playing, we have the house, the senate, and the white house, let’s just put it all on the table and just require a registration out right; and that’s exactly what HR 127 does.

This bill will require you to send a list to the ATF of every make, model and serial number of every single gun you own and buy. You’ll also have tell the government where you’ll be storing each gun and you’ll have three months to do all of this.

But here’s where it gets real sexy, all that information you just gave to the government, including where you’ll be keeping all of your guns, will be accessible to the public.

That means criminals will not only know what guns you have, they’ll know exactly where you keep them. This isn’t a registry it’s a shopping list for criminals, because they now exactly where to go and what to look for when they come and rob you because they’ll have a list of all your guns in a PDF file.

Understand that there are 400 million guns in this country. The government has to hire people to log all this data. Guess where they’re going to get the money to do this. You! in the form of taxes. Congratulations, not only will you be forced to tell criminals exactly where your guns are, you paid to do it as well.

This is the 94 crime bill all over again. It’s sad, because where do you think they’re going to enforce these laws the most if this bill is passed? You think they’re going to enforce them in the neighborhoods of the rich and elite?

Nah, they’re coming to your neighborhood. This bill is pure insanity and the only reason she can get away with it is because the house, the senate and the white house are being run by one party.

I know a-lot of you are asking, well what can I do to stop it. The way you stop it is to let your voice be heard. Remember, the people in congress are voted in not appointed, so they only do what they think they can get away with.

If you let them know that if they continue with bills like this that they’ll lose your vote and enough people call, email or mail letting them know this, trust me, they’ll back off.

People in congress don’t want to lose their seat and if they think voting for something like this will jeopardize their reelection, trust me, they’ll stay away from it so If you’re watching this video, you need to reach out to your representative and Sheila Jackson Lee tell them to Drop HR 127 now or they’ll pay for it when it comes time for reelection.

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